20 Best Corporate/Business Website Templates

20 Best Corporate/Business Website Templates

We all know a business website should have the feel of the corporation and its aim towards the users in a clean, direct and user-friendly way. So, attention should be paid to these aspects while building your corporate website. Nowadays the easiest and fastest way to build your corporate/business website is through using a website template. There are numerous web resources, which offer a vast range of website templates. However, to help you get the best template for your website, I’ve selected 20 best corporate/business website templates with graceful and exceptional designs. Have a look.


1. Myweb-cuber

2. Silverlight-cuber

3. Excellentbiz

4. Simplicity

5. Elegantdesign

6. Simpletext

7. Scrolllist-cuber

8. Uniweb

9. Pixelcolors

10. Designlab

11. ebusiness

12. Qualityweb

13. Optimaldesign

14. Simplemedia

15. Highbusiness

16. Ultimateweb

17. Greeny

18. Cleanfolio

19. Sideliner

20. Ecoforest

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