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20 Outstanding Blog Style Website Templates


If you are thinking to set a brand new blog style website, then getting it designed by some professional can be quite costly. Fortunately, you have a great alternative to this, as you can get the desired template at just a fraction of the price. At the same time, your visitors and customers will not notice any difference. To help you get the one for you, I am featuring 20 outstanding and high quality blog style templates. All are available at reasonable prices. So, quality and affordability is all that you would get here. Have a look.


1. Standardone-html

2. Midtone-html

3. Bluestripes-html

4. Noisy-html

5. Weblist-html

6. Blackblue-html

7. Bluebirds-html

8. Minimal-html

9. Oldtimer-html

10. Simplewhite-html

11. Inewspaper-html

12. Redwhite-html

13. Myart-html

14. Parquetry-html

15. Freshwp-html

16. Colortheme-html

17. Coffeeblog-html

18. Cleanwide-html

19. Lightstorm-html

20. Elegantpaper-html



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