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Emerging New and Improve Web Trends


There has been an increase in complexity when it comes to search engine optimization. The shift has been overwhelming even for experienced web designers and developers. There are some emerging trends, which are tailored to overcome the hurdles of search engine optimization. The year 2012 is seen as a year of immense opportunities especially in the web design field. The internet has set a level, so you need to and there are intuitive and user friendly designs that are always cropping up. In order to gauge the credibility and quality of designs, we need to keep some important points in mind.

1. Interactive Design

What we perceive and see, forms the basis of our interaction. It gives that personal touch to things. This should be the same when it comes to web design. The systems should be designed in such a way that smoothen the process of using the website. We know it is important for user to access each and every useful link on the site. However, a web designer could make it in such a way that that everything is placed very cleverly, and it doesn’t cluster the site and user can easily access the content. This will save time and increase the usability. You can also use of animations to increase the visual appeal.

2. Website update

Websites should always be monitored. Monitoring this means being updated constantly. If your website is updated constantly, then it is likely to attract more people as they tend to be biased to current information. And if your website deals with a specific niche then the information on your site should be related to the niche. Majority of companies lack current information and don’t even know where to get it. It is your responsibility to find current information sources. This will ensure that your website is always updated, hence fulfilling the needs of its intended users. The year 2012 will witness the introduction of intuitive portals, with the updates of the latest and the hottest.

3. WordPress Themes

WordPress is a CMS that is very easy to use. There are thousand of beautiful themes available in the market.  And you can choose the one that fits your needs. And they have lots of customization features so you can add your own unique touch to the design and layout. WordPress is very popular because of its back-end simplicity and clarity.

4. Online Magazines

Print Media has taken a new approach. So for your website, you could make an attractive online magazine and place it strategically in your home page. The magazine should contain your online editions and should be available in print format. It should be a reflection of your business, its values, mission, vision and objectives. This gives the prospective clients to trust your brand and business.

5. Thumbnail views

Text content can sometimes be boring for the users. In order to attract more users, web designers should use pictures in your posts and pages in order to break any monotony that may arise from plain text.

6. Use of slideshows

When it comes to web trends, slide show really stand out. They offer a glimpse of what the site has to offer in an interactive and exciting way. The slideshow can also act as a guide for the website user and this goes a long way bringing in more customers.

7. Listing and modal pop-up

Listing is like breaking the site contents into points, so that they can easily be retrieved. These Lists are usually placed on the sidebars of websites. Pop-up option makes it easier for the user to make a choice. They generally save time as well and user can easily access the content he or she was looking for.



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