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Analysis of your website is an extremely important part of your design. If it doesn’t work correctly you need to fix it before the design is too far along or you are wasting valuable time. Checking constantly can be a pain unless you have the right tools at your disposal. Remember when you are working on your site that if you get a hold of something that is wrong, fix it before moving forward.  Having to come back and redo 50 steps is far worse than taking five minutes ever now and again to check things.

Some of the tools available that you can utilize are listed below.


Click heat shows you the areas that people concentrate on, on your webpage.  That is where you main concentration of traffic are looking.
Did you ever think that there are areas on a webpage that take the immediate attention and others people seldom look at? Well it’s true.  This can be because of a too hard to read text or because of the utilization of the wrong color collection or just because they made the page too big. Believe me I have seen the lot, from pages that are 20 fathoms deep to things that mean you have to use to scroll bar to go across five miles on a page. Long pages and too wide a page are out folks. Use the KISS method. Make sure it is easy to see, easy to read and lots of white space.

Crazy Egg

This tool analyses what your visitors do on your website. It is available in both a free version and a paid version. The free demon version allows 4 pages to be analyzed so choose what you want to check carefully. If you are a designer/developer this is a worthwhile tool to add to your collection. Costs range from $9 a month to 99 a month. Dependent on the number of visitors you keep track of and the number of pages.

Yslow from Yahoo uses Firebug

This is a free tool from yahoo which you need to integrate into firebug and Firefox.

It does a basic analysis of your WebPages for performance and the components on your pages. Then it gives you a summary of them. It is a very useful for you to keep in mind.


Here you have a whole host of various tools you can use. What you do is join and you are given a script of code in java which you imbed in your site in the HTML the cost is 2.50 pounds per month for the lowest package of 5000 clicks to the Premium package of 200 pounds per month for 5 million clicks. There is a free trial month provided you sign up for a year.


This program basically tells you want people use on your website. There is a free plan of up to 400 page views a month which if fine for those starting out  but then the next one up is a huge jump in price to 20000 page views of $99 and it goes up to $990.


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