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How To Plan And Implement Web Page Navigation

Web page navigation is a very versatile thing, and this can make it hard to work effectively with. When you are designing a website, you can make navigation complex or simple. You can either use a small amount of key pages, or a large multilayer structure. It is difficult to find guidelines to help in creating website navigation, and many people get lost.And that costs you visitors from your site, people get confused, and decide they are better of without checking out your site. Below are few points that will help you have an easy to use web page navigation.

Navigational structure organization

Designing and organizing website navigation is one of the most difficult parts of creating a website. Creating code is often not too difficult, as long as you know how. We will discuss how to go about organizing website navigation, so that you can create a better experience for the user.

If your website has a great deal of content, you probably need some sort of menu for navigation. If your site is particularly huge, you probably cannot fit everything on one menus. Most websites need to have at least two menus, one being primary, and one being secondary.

Your primary menu should contain all of the most interesting content, which users will want access to right away. Different sites include various types of content on their menus. It is all relative to how you want your site to work.

The secondary menu is for placing content which is of less interest to the user. If content is not addressing the key concern of the website, but might still be of interest, it should go on the secondary menu. Secondary pages might include things like “contribute,” “about us,” and “advertise.” Dividing your content into two or more separate navigation menus is a great way to help users find what they need. All of the crucial content will be found in the primary menu, while other items of interest will be in the secondary menu.

One of the first things that you should do when trying to organize navigation is organize your content. You cannot decide which content is primary, and which is secondary, until you have sorted it all out. If you find something which will not fit into your first or secondary menus, you might have to create another menu for it. These extra menus might be included as sub menus, footer menus, or sidebars. However, you can always include your main menus in these formats too. There is no limit to how to can organize your menus, and it is totally up to you.

Before creating extra menus, you have to question whether or not they are needed. Some websites function very well with only the primary menu.

If you are having trouble sorting out your content into menus, you might try to use cards for organization. This is a very efficient way to organize your content, so that you do not become overwhelmed with information. Simply write down all of your possible menu items on queue cards, and you can then organize them in the order that you hope to place them on your website. It helps to have this visual aid when you are planning your menus.


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