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Key Ingredients of any web design recipe


Today’s the day to build your new website. What are you going to do first? Do you wish to design the website for yourself, or are you designing for someone else. All in all, it is vital to get certain ingredients right in any website. The fundamentals of any website require 4 main ingredients, and it’s important to get them right. They set the tone for a website and can either make or break it. Simply put you require a good layout, the right amount of white space, the elegance of design that encompasses the proper typeface for your clientele and a well balanced color scheme.


Maybe it should be the layout? This is your website foundation, the building blocks of any website. Don’t get carried away with placement of things or worry about colors just yet. Rather think of it in black and white and use wireframes to sort out how it will work. The flow is all important. With the use of wireframes, you can use place holders before entering any photos or text.
Leave plenty of space around things to create the illusion of elegance. Do not fill up the page. This makes it busy. There is nothing more irritating than seeing a web design that has the writing crammed right against the side and optimized to 1024 so you have to open up the whole browser to actually read what is said.

It is crucial not to annoy the customer.


Once you have your layout planned you can look at what kind of typeface you are going to be using. Here you will be looking at several factors. Clear cut lines are elegant.  By the use of sizing you will be displaying the importance to show the reader subconsciously what to click on. You are sending subliminal messages to the customer. Size your fonts and sometimes use caps to show the headings or subheadings.

It’s very important to make it easy to read so don’t use obscure fonts. Many of them aren’t picked by some browsers.  Color of text is also important. It needs to stand out from the background.

Color scheme

Once you have decided on these components, you have a way of putting your basics in place.  Color scheme of the web design now comes to the fore.

When deciding on what color you intend to use as the background and what color fonts you will be using, you can experiment with it a little.  You need to decide what audience you are trying to attract. Is it young, is it old? People in their teens will go for one type of color while the 40 to 50 group might be into another genre. While the 60 and above group will be more into the placid scene.

Subject matter will also play an important role in your deciding on the color. It is not what you like that matters. You need to look at it from the view of an outsider as to what will suit the audience you are trying to attract. There are several web sites available that can help you with color selection.

Design Elements

Your final important ingredient is the right kind of Design Elements. When using design elements it is important to remember your end product and what you hope to achieve. While you can have fun with textures and the rest, try keeping it to the original simple elegant flow of the design. Pay attention to the little things and spend as much time on the detail of the small as the large. They do get noticed. The entire design needs to work with all four of the important components of the design. Get one wrong and the whole lot will be skewered.

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