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Making An Accessible Site

The internet is now a necessary thing in many people’s lives. Once upon a time no one had ever heard of the internet, yet these days, it seems as though many of us cannot live without it. Since more and more people are becoming comfortable with using the internet, it is important to make applications that can enhance their experience and make online life easier. When you are making a website, once of your primary concerns should be to make it fully function and accessible. What exactly is accessible design? This article will discuss some techniques for making sure that your website is accessible to as many people as possible.

Internet accessibility means that people who have a disability are able to use your website. In order for this to be possible, you should make sure that information is perceivable by people who have disabilities. They have to be able to operate the system in a way that is easy for them. The information must be understandable. The content has to be very solid and robust, so that as many people as possible can fully understand it.

If you want to make your site totally universal, you have to be sure to consider people who are not able to use a computer in the regular ways.

There are certain web standards which can be used as guidelines when creating an accessible website. All authors for the web should be sure to take these guidelines into consideration, and use them to compare with their own sites. They offer some important information that can help you to make your site accessible, and give advice as well.

Alternate text

The internet is a thing which is constantly evolving, and the content on sites also evolves. There are millions of audio files, videos and images uploaded to the internet every single day. Ensuring that all of this content can be viewed by anyone is a serious challenge. Many disables people use the internet with the help of tools, such as speech synthesizers, screen reader and braille displays. The easiest type of content to view using these methods is text. That is a reason why text should be used more the majority of content on your site, if you wish to make it highly accessible.

If you have content on your site which is not text, you should provide some sort of text based alternative. This way people with screen readers and similar tools can access your content, even if it is not originally text based. If you have an image on your site, you should provide a text description of what that image portrays, so that people are able to fully understand your site.

Video and audio content

If you have video and audio on your site, you should ensure that there is a text transcript for it. This will help people who have hearing disabilities to be able to access your site. If you are using video, you should be sure that you have a sound track that is synchronized to the video, which describes what is being displayed on the screen.



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