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The Basics for Creating a Quality Design Brief

A good design brief can make your life as a designer much easier. When it comes to creating a brief, there are several basic parts that should be included. This document should work as a guide for you throughout the entire project. If designed properly you should be able to avoid any potential problems with clients and your work will be much easier because of it.


The first thing that needs to be included in your design brief is what the client actually wants. Do they want a total redesign, or a rework of their existing site? Are the ideas they have solid or vague? Make your clients set specific goals for what they are looking for.

Budget and Schedule

The budget for a project can be tricky. Many clients do not want to give any information about their budget before getting a quote because they feel the designer will then overcharge for the project. Many clients do not understand that if you know the budget ahead of time you can work your services into their price range to give them the most for their money.

The schedule of the project is extremely important as well. You will come across many clients that do not understand how long it takes to create a quality website. Some clients may have a specific time line in mind because of something that is happening within their company. It is important to find out how flexible their time line is. At the same time, you will need to be realistic with both the budget and the time line to make sure they meet your needs as well.


When designing a website, your target audience is extremely important. A site that is for teenagers is going to have a totally different design than one who has a target audience of people over fifty. Make sure you know exactly what type of market your client is going after.

Project Scope

Every project that you work on is different. While some clients want a custom designed site, others are happy with a common template being adapted for their use. Make sure that you know exactly what your client is expecting from your design. There are times when it is easy to discern the scope of the project from the goals. However, it is always best to make sure you fully understand your client’s desires.


Ask your client for any materials they may have on hand. This can give you a taste of what type of style that they prefer. They may also already have a logo, photos, or brochure that you can incorporate into your design.

Overall Style

The style that your client wants is extremely important. You really need to get inside their heads to figure out what they are looking for. Ask lots of questions about what they prefer. This will help you design a site that meets their needs from the start and can prevent the need to redo everything once you are finished.


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