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Useful tools for testing cross browser compatibility


Web designers often struggle with creating appropriate tools for testing cross browser compatibility. Building websites that function efficiently is a skill developed by expert web designers through practice and patience. Certainly, browser compatibility is essentially basic to proper functionality and must be addressed in these terms.

Abode Browser lab
On the abode browser lab, the client can view screen shots of websites from different environments. There is usually a default test which grasps Firefox 3.0 on Windows XP and OS X, Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows XP, and Safari 3.0 on OS X. into the environment during testing.
Using the ‘browse set’ tab after activating your abode browser lab you are privileged to test any site you wish. There is also the option of changing your test venue as you so desire. It makes comparative views much easier.

Browser shots
The purpose of Brower shots is to allow access for selection of screen size, color depth, JavaScript and Flash settings. Some expert declared this feature the ‘kitchen sink of web browse list because it has many elements, which may not be visible neither researched by the user.
However, knowing how to bring up shots on your browser is creating more efficiency for web designers and users alike. It is free and can be cultivated as a favorite past time learning experience while being an experiment at the same time.

Super preview
The super preview is an adaptation by Microsoft to enhance IE platform viewing. One of its main features is allowing the user to test pages while they are being developed on the machine. It also helps the user to download many versions of Internet Explorer.
At the same time, super preview technology would enable the user to have side by side viewing when stacked horizontally or vertically. Do not be surprised there is more optimization to Super preview. The overlay option would provide you the opportunity of working out minute layout differences. Precisely, rulers, guides and other toys ease the burden of compatibility tweaks engaged in the process of cross testing browser compatibility.

Litmus is a technological device which takes the user beyond the simple screenshot shot testing to be able to keep abreast with bugs and building an impressive display for acquaintances. Uniquely, it facilitates password protection and is really an asset to the screenshot market through its added feature screening features.
Manufactures are offering the tool free for 50 tests per month, limited to Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. Access all 24 browsers for a $39 project pass. It is available for purchase and download.

Cross Browser Testing
Cross browser testing is very simple and can be conducted by any armature user. First, select an operating system, then a browser. The added advantage of utilizing appropriate screenshots during testing is that it gives access to many browsers and highlights better. It may entail taking the extra mile, but it would be well worth it in the end.

Spoon Browser fanbox
This is a tool requires a plug in download for efficiency. It is very fast and can have many browsers popping up so quickly that you may find them difficult to manage. Importantly, its service allows one to test pages live in Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox. Experts call this technology the next best thing to native environment test.

Virtual Desk Tops
Virtual desktops are recommended for exploration as a future device in testing cross browser compatibility.

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