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Web Designers and Time Management


For every web designers, time management is very important and sometimes it can be wracking to manage different projects. So firstly, you should avoid various elements that may cause distraction while you are working on your projects. Since they are the main cause of time wastage. For example, instead working on the required wireframe, you might find yourself browsing through unnecessary sites for inspiration. This is a sign that you cannot properly concentrate on your work.

Concepts on improving time management

To enhance your productivity, you need to focus on time management. Here are some of the guidelines that you should know:

1. Learn to use the ‘NO’ factor

Web designing projects require a lot of attention and time. So as a designers you need to prioritize your time properly. If you feel that you don’t have enough time to tackle a project properly, you should not force yourself into doing it but just forward it to someone else who has got the time to do it. So simply learn to say “No” to these kind of projects as they bear no fruit in the end.

2. Plan ahead

Planning is a very important and it should be applied to your day-to-day activities. Being conversant in what to do next, helps in solving problems. Being a designer, you create a good plan for your daily activities that is easier to cope with.

3. Review your daily activities

This part is neglected more often by majority of the web designers yet it is an essential booster in time management. You should establish a culture of reviewing all the tasks that you accomplish at the end of the day. By doing so, you get to know if you have met your daily objectives within deadlines. This will give you room to better plan your projects. Because you will get a clear overview of what is happening.

4. Set priorities

It helps an individual to do the right thing, at the right time. As a web designer, you should work on the most important things instead of dealing with other secondary tasks that may waste your quality time. Setting up clear objectives will definitely help you to forge ahead at a very good rate.

5. Stop multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is a very dangerous indulgence especially for web designers. You need to concentrate on your work in order to produce substantial results, which is contrary in case you try multi-tasking which result is poor results, because of the lack of proper attention.  So avoid unnecessary tasks by all means.

6. Taking a break

Since humans are not machines, we can’t work continuously without taking a rest. Overwhelming work leads to the distortion of both brain and body. As a web designer, you should at least take a slight break if you want to ensure productivity from your side. A perfect break can either be in form of taking a walk or even a nap.

Popular techniques of time management

1. Inbox Zero

This refers to the technique that entails email management. This was started by a man known as Merlin Mann, whose main idea was the process of bringing your inbox to zero. This technique is simply meant to reduce psychological barriers that make people waste time while replying emails.

2. Promodoro technique

The technique reiterates that there should be a short break at the sequence of every 25 working minutes.  A longer break should be taken at the end of every four sequences. Adherence to this simple technique will lead to the production of quality results within a short spun.

3. Getting things accomplished

This method will basically assist you to sub-divide your tasks, to regularly review your work and to prioritize the most essential task. All these are aimed at setting your mind free to increase your attentiveness, and avoiding time wastage.

4. Pareto analysis

This technique was popular and dear to Google who went to an extent of allowing its engineers to spend about 20% of their working days to work on their personal projects which led to the development of Gmail.

For successful finishing projects by web designers, time management is very crucial. Overworking is not helpful in any way and it can be harmful for your productivity and creativity. So, in order to produce quality websites, you need to be in a position to manage your time effectively without any supervision whatsoever. This makes individuals to be self motivated.


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