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Inspiration or perspiration what’s your choice?

Inspiration tends to make you overlook your true capacity. The entire world might be playing a very influential role in your life and in trying to become one of them, you give up on what you are best at.

If you’re a regular visitor to a bookstore then you would’ve very likely stood by the “business” section for hours staring at all those professionals who made a big name.

Furthermore, let’s not forget you probably aspired to be them, too; right? The successes they narrate in the book are simply a way to get you off track of what you’re really capable of!

They fail to inculcate the hard work and determination that these successful men had; rather, they get you away from your goals and make you focus on how you can do the same and achieve the same, as well.

These books become best sellers for a long time but do they put you at something you’re good with? Give it a thought.

How Obsessed I am with Inspiration?

Yes, I’ve been nagging about how people tend to stick by the business section for hours because I’ve been one of them. I’m truly appalled by the works of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

However, when I come across a regular news channel where the finance segment of the show is trying to feed you with the details on such successes, you’re forced to ponder over your current situation.

Well, you’re pretty much surrounded by the “I” word – even blogs today work around to give you spoon of thought. They create wonders with just one blog and leave you pondering for several hours (or maybe days).

Let’s just type “10 ways” on our regular search engine; what do you see? “10 ways to become rich”, “10 ways to easy success”? Is that so? Now you believe me, right?

I’m not saying that the content of the blog is itself any bad, but how people use it is what bothers me; they simply get distracted from reality and pay closer attention to how to be like one of the success stories.

Does Inspiration Work?

A lot of us might have picked up the big points from these stories; some might have picked the determined or motivated elements from them. However, some just tend to be inspired in the wrong way; they start bubbling with amazing ideas, but they refrain from action due to fear or lethargy or maybe scarcity of resources. Simple, they don’t ponder about how to go about achieving it. In the end, they stick to be just inspired.

Inspiration is Not Work

Early times called for people to leave home in search of an inspiration, and once they found that perfect sight, they used it within their work and produced the greatest the world had ever seen. A related example of such is Bob Munson; this amazing guy designed a car after getting inspired from an arrow being pulled away from a bow; how wonderful! He just wasn’t a dreamer or wannabe; rather, he made sure he implemented his inspiration in work and voila! He proved to be different and easily enrolled in the category of successes.

Is Inspiration a Distraction?

Not for some, but many have a habit to just be inspired and do very little with it. You tend to get caught up in a load of inspirations; they may be in an online bookmark form or a favorite page, or probably you could simply be collecting books. However, what do you end up doing with them? Just do day dreaming probably. I’ve been quite habitual of “getting inspired” but it had the least effect on me; I was swooning with the creation of others rather than implementing them to have one of my own. Therefore, I do consider inspiration a distraction rather than a “pushing” force.

Is Hard Work the Way?

Merlin Mann, probably an idol for many, had this point of view, which have got a lot of drifters like me back to work. He emphasized less on inspiration and made sure that hard work was put in enough to get the maximum off your work. It seemed all vague until I tried it, and the truth is, hard work really did all that I thought an inspiration could do.

How to Eliminate Distractions?

I’m sure most of us; rather, all of us find it very hard to detach the Internet world while we’re at work hence we end up producing less. Who do we blame? Well, I’d blame the inspiration online. They’ve been such an important part of our lives now. However, really, just for a second, give it a thought; who would actually want to “follow” you if you aren’t really a worker? People don’t like talkers and dreamers; they simply want to see what you’re capable of. So no matter how much you talk about how rich you can become and what you can do nobody will really want to adore you until you go out and strut a move.

Hard Work Shall Exist Forever

Inspirations are pointless if you only end up as a dreamer rather than having it implemented in your lives. Remember that all materials you gather for your inspiration end up distracting you from the real deal. Hard work comes to all those who really wish to become something in life. If you are looking for a way to success then make sure you have enough of the “hard work” element in your life and stay focused; you ought to produce perfect results.


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