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Meta tags and web design

Search engine marketing is an important aspect for all those who seek to create a brand image and promote a company’s product. As the aim of most organisations established for a specific purpose is profit, it is necessary to understand before hand, what people need to know about the product or information you wish to share with them.

To this end brand promotion is not just the forte of public relations. Relations with the user can be developed through the internet. This is done through the technique of Meta tags, which ensure search engine optimisation. It works by search engines filtering through numerous websites, based on their content and tags. Description Meta tags and Keyword Meta tags. are the more commonly used tags to this end.  These are placed after the title of a website. If the web master deploys the right kind of tags, the company is more likely to see a benefit from the use of meta tags in their web design.

The Meta tag is an embedded code in the HTML. This tag, is like the keyword tags, as they can not be seen by the viewers. The sole aim is that when the user initiates a search, your webpage tops the list of results.

An example Meta tag looks like : <meta name=”description” content=”summary of the contents of the page”>.

The importance of this tag is that the search engines latch onto it, find information from your content, and display it for the user. The disadvantage is that with more and more manipulative web masters in the virtual circuit, this tag has lost its relevance, especially as search engines such as Google, have become smarter, and depended less on Meta description tags, and more on relevant content. As Google is one of the most preferred search engines, web masters are opting for search engine optimization writing, to reach the top of the list.

No matter how manipulative web masters become they can’t compete with intelligent search engines. Another fact is that Google does not use Meta tags to list the results for the viewer. As a result, it is now common practice for web sites to use search engine optimization, to ensure that quality content reaches their viewers.

As well as the Meta description tag, the Meta keyword tag has great relevance to the present day. The Meta Keyword tag is an indispensable tool for search engine optimization, as it is easily found by search engine spiders, and they utilize credible information.

Some web designers have developed techniques to manipulate the keyword Meta tags, for better results. Though search engines have caught on, and run results based on content, some older versions of search engines still continue listing sites based on the keyword Meta tags. So, if you are looking for any kind of traffic you may want to exercise the agency to use Meta tags, be it descriptive or keywords, in your web design.

Meta tags are relevant to the present day as they bring considerable traffic to your web page, especially if the Meta tags in the web design, are optimized. Traffic logs can be checked and you will realize that even small search engines work well for the purpose of publicizing your product or information, if the content is genuine. With the advent of link baiting, if people like the content of your web page regardless of the hooks used they are bound to discuss it on forums and blogs. This will create back links and further direct the traffic to your webpage. Deploying numerous web designing techniques, or if you prefer a holistic combination of Meta tags, hooks, link baiting, and search engine optimization will help you bring traffic to your website.

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  1. mercurydrug

    My freelance web designer friend has been always bugging me about this meta tag thing. I really didn’t care to pay attention until I read this article. Now I know how important it is.

  2. Voter

    Way to go with this article. I really do agree that meta tags should be optimized. In this way it will have a smooth flow in your web design. I do hope you make more articles like this.

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