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Tips To Maintain Your Interest in Work

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Often times you will come across a feeling when your work no longer seems interesting, you would want to cut off all ties with work and probably try something different. No, you’re not going insane; this is typical of every working man (or woman). There is nothing wrong about desiring a change.

There are a few things that make you lose your interest in work; and they are as follows:

1.    Working too much
You may be exerting yourself too much with work. You’re probably giving up all family times and weekends just to meet with your deadlines; this isn’t healthy. If you will work for long without giving yourself desirable rest then you will lose the motivation to continue anymore. You will always feel exhausted and fed up of your routine; the thought might even start repelling you from doing your work.

2.    Procrastinating

If you’re deadline has been moved that doesn’t mean you push your work to a later date; get done with it now so that you can relax later. When you start pushing your work away you start feeling unproductive which can take your motivation off your routine.
3.    Boredom
Boredom is a natural phenomenon. Almost, every freelancer I know of undergoes this phase; in fact, this can even occur while you’re on a certain project. So don’t let this stress you out.

4.    You are Unhappy
Probably you have a strong passion for the work you’re doing but clients just make it difficult for you to focus, or they may annoy you to the point where you really want to quit. Instead of letting that feeling take over, logon to Clients from Hell and share your experiences with those like yourself; you ought to have a time of your life.
5.    Being too Optimistic

To motivate yourself you will need some short term as well as some long term goals but refrain from setting unrealistic goals; you can never become the CEO of a company in five years time. That is absolutely foolish. But, even then people end up putting such milestones before themselves; when they find it impossible to reach it they simply stop believing in the work they do.

Here are a few tips that can help you put back the interest you lost.

You could start with the most basic of this. I know how it feels on a Sunday evening; the thought of going back to work literally makes your stomach churn. Don’t let that feeling take over you.

1.    Give Nature Time
Have long has it been since you saw the big golden globe shining up on our heads; have you noticed the new park built in front of your work place? Take a stroll in there through the breeze; that should relax you. Try going around your neighbourhood and have a little fun with the kids around. A social life and some time for yourself helps you gain the motivation.

2.    Plan out everything
You should know what to do next. Being unprepared gives you time to get distracted when you could’ve accomplished something much greater. Plan out everything.

3.    Socialize
You’re not the only individual burdened by the force of work; take some time out and have a chat with people around you. I’m sure they have some stories that you could take pleasure in. When you empathize with people it makes you feel absolutely wonderful. And while you’re at it you end up motivating each other; so try sharing your work stresses with each other.
4.    Give Yourself a Treat
It’s alright to drop in at a spa and get all the relaxing remedies applied to you. Indulge in some relaxation; get with your friends for a movie or plan out lunches or dinners. The attempt is always worthwhile.

There’s a lot more you can do to treat your work less like a burden and maintain that interest within it.


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