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10 Valuable tips for managing collaborators

With advancements in career opportunities, people are taking freelancing very seriously. There are various freelancing teams available, who can do your job within specified deadline and budget. Some of these freelancers prefer to work alone, and working with a client may come up with certain difficulties, which should be handled quickly before the situation gets worse.

Right from graphics designer to writers, freelancers are always there to serve you. Below we are going to discuss about some points, which will help freelancers during the collaboration period with various clients and collaborators.

1.    Proper homework – Before getting involved in any collaboration, always prefer to do some research on the collaborator. Check out his/her profile pages on various social networking websites, try to find out various reviews, which will help you in evaluating the quality of work, which you can expect from the collaborator. Always try to find out areas where your collaborator is having special skills, this will help you in future because after collaboration, your reputation is directly linked with the work your collaborator is producing.

2.    Providing details – As soon as you select your provider, try to give maximum details about the project. Every single detail should be clearly explained before starting the work. Make sure that you communicate with your collaborator regularly, so that he/she can ask questions regarding the project.

Always explain your work and requirements clearly because that will help the collaborator in getting the exact idea about any project. Understanding of project is really important because that will determine the quality of work.

3.    Signing a contract – Always keep in mind that all the terms and conditions should be listed in a contract form. Before starting the work, clearly state all the terms and conditions, this will help you in future. Collaborators and clients are always very specific about their project, and they want to get the contract paper signed quickly, so that any future problem can be solved instantly.

4.    Online management tools – There are various online tools present, which helps in managing all the clients and collaborators at the same time. These tools are having easy to use interface, which helps in managing all the invoices related to clients and collaborators. These tools are having strong features, which allow you to manage several groups under a particular category.

5.    Create a successful leader – During the working phase of any project, always remember to create a team leader, who will supervise all the work. Team leader should get the work done within the time limit. If you are the team leader, then make sure that everybody is working with a good speed, and every part of the task is getting completed on time. If you have appointed a team leader, then makes sure that you communicate with the team leader periodically, and always offer him/her solutions for any specified problem.

6.    Respect your collaborator – Respect in any field is very important. If you have hired a collaborator, then it’s important to show him/her some respect, which they deserve. You should treat them in a professional level, and when it comes to payment, don’t underpay them for their work. Always try to support your collaborator with motivational speeches, and appreciate their work with good feedback. If your collaborator is not working up to the mark, then don’t show anger towards them, you can talk with them in a friendly manner to understand their problems, which they are facing regarding any project.

7.    Skilled communication – Communication is an important part of a business. You must communicate with your client to get details about various projects. You must also communicate with your collaborator via mail or phone call. Communication makes the bonding strong and you can understand the other person clearly. Try to schedule simple and illustrative meetings with your collaborator. Collaborators need some time to understand their client, and they can work on any project, if they are having good professional relation with their respective clients.

8.    Accurate accounting – Freelancing can also be termed as small business. For any business, one must keep record of all the payments and other expenses. Managing your account will help your business to grow incredibly. If you have hired some collaborators to work with you, then you must keep records of all the payments, which you have to give at the end of project. Sometimes, freelancers keep a record of time spent during any meeting; this allows them to analyze their performance.

9.    Timely payment – Payment is something, which can lift up the morale of your collaborator. Everybody likes to get paid on time, and timely payment helps in maintaining a healthy relationship with your collaborator. If you have received payment from your clients, then don’t make your collaborators wait a lot. Pay them from time to time, so that they can trust you, and work for you efficiently.

10.    Feedback – Getting a feedback is very important in any business. A feedback regarding any project allows you to improve your work. Always respect the feedback given by your client. Don’t let your ego come between you and the feedback. There are always some room for improvement, and you must give your collaborators a chance to improve.

Setting up a small business is very easy and maintaining it is very difficult. Above given steps will definitely help you in later stages. Management of any business is very important. A better managed business will earn more money than a bad managed business.

If you want to expand your business, then hiring collaborators are very crucial. But hiring is not enough, you have to maintain a healthy professional relationship with them. Always remember, that collaborators are a part of your business, and your growth depends on their quality of work. It’s better to communicate and understand your collaborator.

Always try to find good clients who are reliable. Every single client is having their own way of working, and you should not get irritated by their working methods. For running things smoothly, one must handle clients of different mentality.


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