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5 awesome Tools for Creating Web Design Wireframes

Web designers often advise users to apply the wireframe technique as a first line measure in creating an effective web design. Precisely, a wireframe is a communicative device applied to website production with the aim of facilitating page layout. It is imperative that while designing websites, there is no distraction by other web page features such as  design elements and  color. Wireframes are the perfect control mechanism employed in avoiding such interruptions.
They are very useful collaborators. Essentially they save time and expertise by aligning features which foster efficiency in decision making among various web hosts. Precisely, parties involved can quickly find a common ground of different page elements like headers, menu, navigation, content areas, and footers.
A major goal is to effectively embed a layout into the design preventing subsequent disruptions from occurring. It is important that the foundation layout remains intact being undisturbed. Resources are always available offering support in the application of Wireframes to web designs. There are several approaches available with their unique technique applications. This article offers some very useful information on tools, which can be accessed in creating that perfect web page using Wireframes.


Wireframes’ devices come with many features, which encompass a number of other software implications in their actual application. Mockingbird is yet another web application, which focuses also on collaboration many others do. Its specificity allows the user to link it to multiple mock-ups together and user can preview it interactively. This action provides the user with the opportunity to flow with the process in an enjoyable way.


Cacoo besides being one online/web-based drawing tool it is also considered flash based Software program, which was invented in Japan. Precisely, allows the user to create whatever he wants some diagrams like site map, UML, wireframes, and network charts. This is possible due to a number of distinct features contained in the program.
Precisely, it is also called a real-time collaborative diagrammatic application which features large stencil sets applied to designing wireframes, mind maps, UML diagrams among many other unusually unique designs.


Many web design experts consider ProtoShare a very easy software in the industry. However, it is not still the easiest even though it may be more user friendly. It contains a prototyping tool which is web based focusing on collaborations and many other similar programs. A great advantage of this web design tool is that members of the team can easily review work and get timely feedbacks, suggestions and ideas on different click-able wireframes or super creative content.


As a design technology iPlotz allows users to quickly design clickable modes, navigable wireframes and  mock-ups for prototyping website and  the software applications. It is a very much used device in web page activity as it allows comments to be posted and monitored using rapid clicks.


OmniGraffle another diagramming application employed in web page description. It is been mostly used with Mac OS. A very useful feature is that it gives users immense access to tools for creates amazing  mock-ups and wireframes. It affords fabulous charts and diagrammatic representation as well.

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  1. Shaun Sadree


  2. Andrea at ProtoShare

    Hi Anum,
    Thanks for including ProtoShare in your list of excellent wireframing tools!

    Collaboration (aka facilitating communication) is certainly a key component of ProtoShare throughout the development process. From gray-box wireframes to rich prototypes to design comps and reviewing live sites.

    Regarding your comments on usability: Many designers with previous wireframe tool experience find the application quite easy to use, however, some who are newer to these types of tools do have a learning curve. I can tell you that we take customer feedback to heart and are currently working on some updates to improve the experience for these users. It is due out before the end of the year.

    Feel free to contact me with questions or further feedback.


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