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5 Ways WordPress That Keep Your Visitors Longer at Your Blog

Getting visitors to read your blog posts, because they can’t get enough of what you have to say, is an empowering feeling.  Not only is it great for ranking, it is also a pretty good feeling too.  Providing your readers with interlinks, within your blog, gives them even more incentives to stay.


However, the first question will be how to get more visitors for your new blog. Well there are lots of great tips and tricks which can be used to get instant exposure and then it will b up to you to grab your visitors. Like when you write a article or tutorial and submit it to top quality directories like linksoulz.com which can redirect tons of traffic to your blog. So once we have the traffic we can focus on how we can keep the visitors for longer. WordPress has five, plug-ins that you can use to interlink your posts.  In true WordPress fashion, they are easy to use and are immense time savers.  Below you will find one, if not more, plug-ins that you can use for your blog.

In Links

This tool is designed to link any keyword(s) you choose to any URL and web page within your blog.  This is handy for accentuating certain pages on your blog.  For example, you can choose, the keywords, contact me.  Every time you type this into your blog, a link to that page will be built in.  This helps you concentrate on writing your content, without having to worry about the tedious task of manually linking them.

SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links will link keywords and/or phrases to titles with the same keywords.  It will do this automatically on its own.  You do, however, have quite a bit of control on how you choose to interlink your context.  You choose how you want to customize your options, when installing the plug-in.  A couple of these options are what type of content you want to interlink, such as posts, tags, categories or web pages.  You also have control over the amount of links you want created, per page.  Additionally, you can also choose whether or not to have the link open in a new page.


Apture connects your readers to dynamic web sources like Wikipedia, Google Maps and Youtube, while keeping them on your blog.  This plug-in is really exciting because it allows your readers to perform searches and find all the information they need, and they don’t leave you.  This is a great incentive for readers to stay on your blog. Additionally,  Apture will host your pictures, word docs, pdf files and movies for you.


To initiate interlinks you only have to put [[along with]] on either side of a post title that is in an excerpt or a post.  Interlinks then creates a link for you.  This plug in will most definitely be one that you will use often.

SEO Super Comments

With SEO Super Comments, every time a reader leaves a comment on a post, this plug in creates a brand new page that contains the actual, individual commenter information.  It will not be found anywhere on the database of WordPress, but will be a brand new page, within your blog.

This plug-in includes other attributes as well; it keeps track of other comments found within the blog, made by the same author.    Additional clicks lessen your bounce rate and increase cost per thousand income.  Best of all it includes all of the new pages in the site-map, which the search engines love.

These plug-ins are sure to be lots of fun, as well as time saving.  Go and try a few, or all of them.



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