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6 Amazing Tips to achieve artistic distance

Web designers do a lot of designing, but that is not considered as art, because various restrictions and limitations are applied to web designing. Designing part, which is done by a web designer, is usually done for financial purpose, and this is not exactly and artistic motivation, but it does need creative, artistic mind. Successful designs designed by web designers are definitely based on facts and teachings from an art school. These designs are certainly created by following some basic principles.

Below we are going to discuss about some of the most famous principles, which are taught in art schools, these principles are definitely beneficial for you if you want to create a web design. These principles are also helpful when your eyes can’t rectify the mistake properly.

1.    Artistic distance – This term is used all over the world for creating better designs. Nowadays, website designers are moving on to the concept of website designing. These designs are not only applying this concept, but they are also very satisfied by this approach.

The main question is what is artistic distance? Well, the answer for that question is very simple when you create something it’s very difficult to find flaws within that particular thing. To find mistakes, designers must move a bit away from the design, and then they can have a better look into the design.

Artistic distance is very important if someone wants to create a master piece. Some web designers say that artistic distance helps them in creating attractive and appealing websites, which makes their work much easier than before.

2.    Create some space – If you think that working on a particular design for hours will help you in creating a masterpiece, then that is just a misconception.  Take some time off from your work, walk for some time or go away from your computer, so that you can have a better look at the design which you have created.

Carefully notice the buttons and other texts and try to find out the weaker areas which might need some extra attention. Constant working on the same place makes us believe that whatever we have created is perfect. Go and drink some coffee or tea and then come back to work after 30 to 40 minutes break. Designing should be done in phases, which allow you to revise the work which you have done in the previous phase.

3.    Upside down – one of the most famous tricks in the artistic world is turning your creation upside down. If you are working on a website design, and you feel that the design is completely perfect, then you must check it by turning the design upside down. After rotating it try to find out areas, which might lack some points.

Work on those areas and try to improve your design continuously. Designers all over the world use different principles which help them in getting a perfect design. Designing part is quite easy but rectifying unnoticed areas is actually tough.

4.    Go black-and-white – Nowadays, use of color in designing is very useful because they make the design attractive and presentable. However, getting the perfect color is not so easy. If you have filled your website design with colors and you think that these colors are fitting perfectly, then you are completely wrong. Before making any final decision, designers must convert their design into the black-and-white format.

This helps in analyzing the color distribution. If the whole design looks excellent in black and white, then your design will look good with colors also. Designers must keep in mind that besides the general templates, wordings and other headings should also be used in a good way.

Controlling the contrast and brightness will help you analyze the visibility of your design, and later you can add more colors to enhance the overall appeal of your design.

5.    Getting sudden attention – Sometimes, we forget about certain things and then suddenly we look at this thing, and we come up better ideas. This same principle is applied to designing. Just after starting the work, you must forget about it and after two or three days come back and pass a sudden glance at your creation, and soon you will see some spots, which need more work and attention.

This technique is followed by various designers all over the world. If you want to create a master piece, then this technique is for you. Website designing is not so easy, but following some techniques and principles one can easily achieve all the targets given by clients.

6.    Criticism – One of the most important ways to find flaws in your work is criticism. If you are having some friends who constantly try to find mistakes in whatever you do, then they must find some unwanted flaws in your design also.

This might annoy you but at the same time they will be actually doing a great favor by pointing out mistakes which you are unable to spot. Keep your ego away from work, being confident about your work is a different thing but being overconfident will ruin your overall quality.

There are various methods and principles, which might help you achieving that artistic distance which you always want but experimenting with these principles, will be a good idea. You can also create your own methods, which will help you in achieving a flawless design.

Designers are very careful about their work, and they want everything to be perfect. This is the main reason why these principles and methods are so important. Taking help from other designers will make your task easy because experienced designers are not only having a good eye, but they can spot errors easily without taking much time.

Always try an experiment with your designs, without taking risks you can’t create something special. Before taking any step designers must make sure that these steps are properly followed with careful precautions. Always remember to take a break from normal working hours and try to work when you are having a good mood. Some of the most creative designs can be made with proper concentration.


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