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6 Tactics for Making a Pitch to Prominent Clients

There comes a time in the life of every major designer, when they have to decide if they want to continue working on simple projects, or transition to larger, more complicated jobs.  The fear generally lies in leaving the comfort zone of easy marketing and networking involved with small projects.

The thought of making a major pitch to a prominent company seems to overwhelm.  You doubt if your experience and company is big enough to compete.  The six tactics below can help you get in on the ground floor, a contract offer and increase the possibility of gaining a new business relationship.

Never Bid Too Low
Large companies, have large budgets.  Using a low bid to market yourself does not work when pitching for a long-term contract with a major company.
They expect you to have expenses, and they want you to have them covered for the long-term.  They are more concerned with ability and professionalism than pricing that is competitive.  Bid higher than you normally would, but be realistic.
Demonstrate Results not Promises
Due to designers ripping off large corporations in the past, a lot of companies are skeptical with respect to working with designers.  This does not only entail designing as a whole, but includes the dislike of having to have websites updated.
To alleviate this issue make your pitch demonstrating results, not making a bunch of promises.  Go to the meeting with your portfolio full of website designs that are attractive and exceptionally effective.

Bring Samples
The economy has hit even the larger companies, which has impacted their budgets.  They fear that costly projects may lose them money.
Bring samples with you when you make your pitch.  Demonstrate how your website designs have reduced service costs for your clients, increased conversion rates, and advanced customer activity.

Give the Appearance of Being Successful and Influential
To get hired by the larger companies, give your business the appearance of being successful and influential.  You can accomplish this by hiring a virtual receptionist to answer your telephone calls.  Building a team that is paid for by results, which function as varying layers of your company.  Treat your projects like they’re routine.
An advantage to this is that once you find success with a major company, you will find it easier to achieve it with other ones.

Make Your Pitch To The Person That is at the Top
If you make your pitch to the wrong person, it may not get anywhere.  You need to do your research to find out who the actual decision-maker is.  Develop links to managing partners, senior managers and CEO’s.

Consider the  Long-Term
Always consider the long-term when you submit proposals to major companies.  Keep in mind that your pitch is not just for this particular project but for future ones as well.  Show them that your work is high quality and that staying with you for all future projects is a very cost effective benefit for the company.
If the above is done correctly you open the doors to future professional relationships, major projects, and comprehensive ongoing work.



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