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7 Steps to Creating Your Own Unique Design Style

Having a unique style is the secret to becoming a brilliant and well-known designer.  Of course, you can get some clients while you peruse tutorial websites.  However, it is only when you develop a style unique to you that the world is yours.  Some designers find this an easy task, but others find it quite difficult.  Below we are going to reveal a list of steps you can use to create your style.

Use Your Own Photographs

More than likely if you use a stock website, you can be sure that there are more designers other than yourself using a particular stock photograph.  You may have your own style, but this may not be obvious to visitors when they see the same imagery on another designer’s web site.

Get a digital camera and start taking your own photographs, and use them on your website.  This opens the door to individuality and who knows; perhaps you will find that you are a great photographer.  This could open other doors as well, such as the ability to submit your photographs to stock photo websites or trendy design blogs.


When a design is almost completed, take out some paper and draw on it.  Draw whatever you feel like, scribbles or characters, etc. Scan your hand-drawn creation and upload it to your project, later doctor it up a bit. Once you’re completed, you will definitely have a unique design.  You don’t have to stop with drawings.  You can also scan different items or textures.

Change Your Fonts

Edit your fonts and make sure that you choose one that everyone else is not using.  If there is a common one that you love, make a few changes to it, make it unique.  If you are having difficulty finding a font that you admire, create your own.

Try a Different Design Program

While Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the software generally used by designers, sometimes they don’t work for every type of project.  In these instances, research other programs that specialize in the techniques you are trying to incorporate.
Try to pair up your designs using different design programs.  This provides you the potential to create beautiful designs that no one can copy.

Design Your Own Patterns

Creating your own patterns has a similar effect as taking your own photographs.  You lessen the risk of one or more other designers having the same pattern.  Additionally, if your pattern is worthwhile, you can release it and share it.
If you do not know how to create patterns, there are many tutorials online.

Bend Designing Rules

Try something a little out of the norm for yourself.  Produce a design that mixes various forms and styles creating a design that would not normally ever be seen, if you are able to adapt this skill into your own style that could set you apart from other designers.

Use Filters Delicately

If you are a newbie, this step is for you. Once you are in your designing program it is common to want to use filters heavily.  The problem with this is that the outcome sometimes has a cheesy appearance.  On the other hand, sometimes artistic and distort filters, if used delicately, can create looks that are very sophisticated.


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