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85 techniques for Ajax.


Over at Smashingmagazine.com, they have over 80 useful links to Ajax – based techniques.  They were so good we thought we would show them here too, save a few mouse clicks after all.

We feel these would be good to keep to hand, so you do not have to go through hundreds of Ajax related bookmarks, so these should come in handy!

We hope these prove useful, and we are sure that the techniques on calenders, interactive elements, visual effects, and animations, should keep you busy.

Ajax is after all, very propular for RIA’s, and we are sure that many of you enjoy using it, and use it often.

We plan to bring you more of this sort of thing in the future, so keep reading our blogs.  

For now here are the 85 techniques for Ajax.

Good luck.

AJAX Auto Completer

1. AJAX AutoSuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field

2. AJAX Autocompleter / script.aculo.us library

3. AJAX AutoCompleter

4. Ajax autosuggest/autocomplete from database

5. Ajax dynamic list

AJAX Instant Edit

6. AJAX inline text edit 2.0

7. AJAX & CSS Flickr-like Editing Fields

8. AJAX Instant Edit

AJAX Menus, Tabs

9. 14 Tab-Based Interface Techniques

10. AJAX Menu Widget


11. AJAX Accordion Navigation: mootools demos

12. AJAX Dialogs, Menus, Grids, Trees and Views

13. AJAX Tab Module – Closeable Implementation

14. Ajax Tabs Content

15. AJAX Tabbed Content


16. MooTabs – Tiny tab class for MooTools

17. Dynamically loaded articles

AJAX Date, Time, Calendars

18. AJAX Datetime Toolbocks – Intuitive Date Input Selection

19. AJAX Calendars

AJAX Interactive Elements

20. AJAX Floating Windows

21. AJAX Star Rating Bar

22. Ajax poller

AJAX Developer’s Suite

23. AJAX HistoryManager, Pagination

24. AJAX Login System Demo

25. AJAX image preloader

26. AJAX Tooltips: Nice Titles revised | Blog | 1976design.com

27. 40+ Tooltips Scripts With AJAX, JavaScript & CSS | Smashing Magazine

28. AJAX Web Controls

29. AJAX syntaxhighlighter

30. GMail Ajax Style Username Signup


31. Gmail Ajax Style Check Username


32. Transparent Message

33. ModalBox — An easy way to create popups and wizards

34. AJAX File Uploads progress bar


35. Chained select boxes

36. Fly to basket

37. AJAX Key Events Signal

38. Disable form submit on enter keypress

Enhanced AJAX Solutions

39. AJAX Instant Completion: Rico Framework

40. Novemberborn: Event Cache

41. Altering CSS Class Attributes with JavaScript

42. Select Some Checkboxes JavaScript Function

43. AJAX Emprise Charts: 100% Pure JavaScript Charts

44. amCharts: customizable flash Pie & Donut chart

45. PJ Hyett : The Lightbox Effect without Lightbox

Ajax Forms

46. AJAX Upload Form

47. An AJAX contact form

48. AJAX contact form

49. Ajax.Form: mootools demo

50. Ajax form validation

51. Really easy field validation

52. AJAX fValidate: a high quality javascript form validation tool

53. Ajax newsletter form

54. wForms: A Javascript Extension to Web Forms – The Form Assembly

AJAX Grids, Tables

55. Data Grids with AJAX, DHTML and JavaScript | Smashing Magazine

56. Grid3 Example

57. AJAX Table Sort Script (revisited)

58. AJAX Sortable Tables: from Scratch with MochiKit

59. AJAX TableKit

AJAX Lightboxes, Galleries, Showcases

60. 30 Scripts For Galleries, Slideshows and Lightboxes | Smashing Magazine

61. AJAX LightBox, Sexy Box, Thick Box

62. AJAX Lightbox JS

63. AJAX Unobtrusive Popup – GreyBox

64. SmoothGallery: Mootools Mojo for Images | Full gallery

65. AJAX Libraries and Frameworks

Visual Effects, Animation

66. How to Create Digg Comment Style Sliding DIVs with Javascript and CSS

67. How to Create a Collapsible DIV with Javascript and CSS

68. How to Create an Animated, Sliding, Collapsible DIV with Javascript and CSS

69. AJAX Shopcart

70. Draggable content

71. Dragable RSS boxes

72. AJAX Pull Down Effect: Rico Framework

73. AJAX Animation Effects: Rico Framework

74. Combination Effects in scriptaculous wiki

75. AJAX Motion Transition: Fx.Morph

Useful Basic JavaScripts

76. 9 Javascript(s) you better not miss !!

77. Top 10 custom JavaScript functions of all time

78. Hyperdisc Materials: JavaScript: Top 10: Automatic Breadcrumb Trail

79. JavaScript: Top 10 Most Useful JavaScripts

80. My Favorite Javascripts for Designers: Blakems.com ?

Galleries, Resources

81. MiniAjax.com: a showroom of nice looking simple downloadable DHTML and AJAX scripts.

82. Ajax Rain: growing showcase of AJAX-examples.

83. Max Kiesler – mHub : Ajax and rails examples & how-to’s

84. Ajax Resources

85. DZone Snippets: Store, sort and share source code, with tag goodness


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    All I can suggest to you Ney is to read the instructions properly. Ajx is RIA’s bestfriend. It will be fun if you learn how to use them. They are very easy. You have to be a bit patient on this.

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    There are so many things to learn about Ajax. I think I won’t manage to sink them in, in just one sitting. Good thing about the article is that every link also shows some blogs about the specific topic.

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