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9 Places Where You Can Create Your Websites Online

Using website builders is a great way for non-technical people to create websites because there is no need for code-editing.  Basically, there are two types that available on the internet from web hosting companies.
The first one is used for personal websites, using software downloaded to their computer where the site is created offline and published it later.  They can use any web hosting company they choose.  The second one requires users to sign-up with a hosting company.  These websites range from personal to e-commerce sites.  They usually are template based or offer platforms that are flexible.
Below are 10 of these companies that allow the creation of free websites.

Provides tools that create websites that look very professional, and it takes only minutes.  Among other things, users can add a photo or video gallery, blog, forum, and calendar.  Additionally, a website can be made into a social network; it can generate profiles and add members.  People can create a community for colleagues, family and friends to connect.


Focuses on helping users effortlessly create web pages using free user friendly tools.  As well, Yola offers leading internet services like Youtube and Google Maps.


Has over 300 contemporary, professional and attractive design templates to choose from. FreeWeb also offers a live-mode feature for editing directly on the template.  As well, the websites come optimized for the search engines.


Offers over 2,000 comprehensive templates, which include text and images.  Users are given their own website address with the option of also personalizing their email with the name of their company.  This enables them to get their visitor’s details.


Has a large selection of tools, which include:  Journals, message forums, talking characters, statistics and hit counter, photo albums, guestbooks, web polls, mailing lists, blog, calendar and email forms.  Additionally, Bravenet’s web hosting features incorporates FTP access and hosting for up to 10 domains.


Is perfect for people without any web design or programming skills that are interested in constructing a website that is professional looking and monetized.  Blink allows users to accept credit card purchases easily.  The websites are created using an easy drag-and-drop function.


Allows users to choose their domain name and encompasses contemporary Web 2.0 features for users to customize their websites.  Terapad even comes with built in E-commerce and SEO.


Provides an uncomplicated yet capable mode of creating flash templates as well as other features.  Users can compose flyers, websites, newsletters, widgets, banners and MySpace layouts.


Lets users, as well as developers, create a website in three easy steps.  First they choose the applications, then the themes, including add-ons, and finally direct installation.  Users are given complete control of their website with endless possibilities.


Has professional looking website design templates that are customizable using a simple drag and drop feature.  A user can also design a template of their own, so they can be unique.  SnapPages is suited to those who want a website to use personally, for an organization or small business.


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