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Adobe CS5.5 – More Affordable

Adobe software, such as Photoshop, has been standard for a long time. This became even truer after they bought Macromedia out, and got the rights to Fireworks and Dreamweaver. While Adobe products are versatile and powerful, they are also very expensive. Not every beginning designer can afford to stock up on all the latest Adobe software. Many people opt to download illegal copies of the programs, or simply use open source alternatives. There are many good free options out there, but they are simply not as good.

As of around May, there will be a cheaper alternative for people who want to have access to Adobe CS5.5. Instead of having to pay a large up front fee to own the software, a monthly subscription can be paid. This might cost more if you subscribe for a long time, but it is a cheaper alternative if you only do it until you can afford to buy the product. This article will take a look at CS5.5 and see what it implies for designers.

With CS5.5 you can subscribe to any one program that you choose. If you want Photoshop, you can get it for $35 to $49 per month, depending on how long you sign up for. There are a few different packages you can choose from, with a Master Suite for $129 per month if you sign up for a yearlong  contract.

Paying for monthly subscriptions to software is a great idea for designers who are not going to be using all of their software at all times. Do not pay the full price for a piece of software just to have it sit on the shelf for half the year. Pay for the times that you are going to actually spend using the software, and no more.

Paying for software that will end up eventually going out of date is another bother. You will have to upgrade your software constantly, which means paying more money. If you subscribe, you will always have the latest version of your programs.
Do you need to hire a freelance worker to come into your company for just a month? You can pay a month long subscription for the software that they need, and then simply cancel it after that.

Being able to subscribe is a great alternative, but it is still nice to buy the full software if you can actually afford it.
The subscription option is not the only new thing to come out with CS5.5. Adobe is emphasizing the use of mobile devices but giving users more tools that let them make mobile applications. Flash is going to be supported by Andriod, which gives many new options to developers.

There is going to be new support for ActionScript and Flex if you get Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium. The mobile elements will be included with this. There will also be new and improved collaboration tools so that you can work with anyone from anywhere,  even on the other side of the world.



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