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Advantages and disadvantages in freelancing

Nowadays, earning money is not so difficult. If you are good at something, then you can easily earn money. In earlier days, people used to think that earning means getting a proper 9 to 5 job with steady pay checks. Well, time has changed, and so the requirements.

Now companies like to hire freelancers, who can give you quality work without charging enough money. Now, freelancers are also finding their job very easy, because they won’t have to work according to any pre maintained schedule, they can create their own work timings.

However, many think that freelancing is just a part time job; no one can really afford a living out of it. Below we are going to discuss about some factors, which will help you in getting all your questions answered regarding freelancing.

Freelancers should have certain set of skills that will help them in getting projects from various clients. They must know how to represent their skills in a proper way. Management is very important, if somebody wants to promote themselves. Apart from skills, freelancers need to establish a good relationship with their clients, so that they can receive continuous work in future. They must also increase their client base from time to time. This will ensure that freelancers are getting enough work at decent rates.

Management of accounts and various other things are also very important for freelancers, because they are the one who can administer their work. If freelancers want to grab good projects, then they must create interesting proposals and ideas, which should attract clients towards them. After getting some projects, freelancers must satisfy all the requirements specified by clients. Submission of work within the given deadline is also vital because it increases your reputation.

Some of the benefits of freelancing are given below:

1.    Freelancers are like free birds, they can work at any time, from any place. They won’t have to take permission from their bosses before doing anything. Freelancers get the freedom of working on various projects, which help them in gaining knowledge and experience. They also get the opportunity to work with various clients from different countries and this broadens their creative view.

2.    Freelancers can have flexible work timings. Definitely, they are working for their clients, but they won’t have to fix their timing. Clients are always interested in their projects and deadlines. If you can submit the project within the given deadline, then clients will not complain. However, also remember that quality of the project should be high, because clients always demand for high quality work.

If you can show them that you are the best person for this job, then clients will offer you various projects. Freelancers are self employed; it means that they can set their own working environment. Freelancing is definitely not so easy, but if someone can gain enough experience in freelancing, then every project will look easy.

3.    In the beginning, you will have to spend some time to search for decent clients. If you are thinking that getting decent clients is very easy, then you are completely wrong, because there are various scammers present in freelancing world who can make your work without paying a single penny.

Freelancers should promote themselves in a proper way to increase their clientele. After getting proper clients, freelancers won’t have to work on promotion, and they can concentrate on their project, because if clients start trusting you, then you will get unlimited project for a very long time. Freelancing business is completely dependent on trust and once you gain the trust, you can achieve a good position in freelancing world.

4.     Main thing about freelancing is that, your earning completely depends on the amount of work you do. You can easily gain a decent amount of money by working on various projects. If you don’t want to earn a huge amount, then you can work on selective projects.

Some of the disadvantages of freelancing are given below:

1.    Every business will face some difficulties, freelancing is not different. You will face some days where you won’t earn a single penny, and you might lose your confidence also. But, you will also face some days where your earning will cross your daily limit. Overall, freelancing business is just like roller coaster ride, full of high and low points. But, you must face all the conditions without giving up.

2.    Some people think that freelancing is very easy, just bid on projects and after wining them, you just have to complete the work. Well, this may sound easy, but in reality this is way too tough. You will have to spend considerable amount of energy while looking for projects.

Not only that, you will have to manage every single thing which is related to freelancing. You will observe that you are actually spending more time than you ever expected. Well, this is a business, and you will have to work really hard to establish it properly.

3.    When you are bidding for any project then always remember that you should charge at a medium level. If you will charge very low then clients will think that you are not a good freelancer, and if you charge more, then clients will think that you are too costly to afford. Therefore, before making any bid, you must study the overall trend of the market. Make sure that you calculate the overall effort and bid according to that.

4.    Freelancers never get the opportunity to go for holidays, because clients will always send you some work to keep you busy.

Freelancing is not so tough if you understand the basics of this business. But before starting, you must understand your strengths and weakness. Make sure that you always remain online on various messengers. Try to communicate with your clients on daily basis, and keep them informed about the progress of work. After gaining an experience of more than one year, you will notice that work is becoming very easy and you won’t have to put much effort for completing projects.


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