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All about Tumbler

Are you looking for a way to reach your audience in a new way?  You should definitely know about Tumblr then.  Its popularity is growing rapidly, yet few can say they know what it’s all about.  Consider the Tumblr blog, officially Tumblelogging, the micro-version of a normal blog post and the macro-version of a Twitter post.  Users can upload music, photos, videos and more without the character limitations of Twitter, so posts can be long or short.  What’s more, the entire platform is fully customizable, which makes it a nice playground for creative design innovations.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what Tumblr’s all about, giving you a basic foundation to work with.  Then, we’ll show you some of the tricks of the Tumblr trade and get you motivated to get started on your own.

The Good Stuff

Tumblr gives you the best of both worlds with no complications.  In fact, the best thing about Tumblelogging is its simplicity and ease of use.  You get all the perks a long-form blog as well as the premium interaction you’d normally only get with micro-blogging.

Built-in post formats for each specific content type is a great feature.  Whether its text, photos, video, chat or more, each has a unique format that’s very versatile.  For instance, you may add text to video posts or add text to photos you post.  In addition, there’s also a way to phone in and email posts.  Specifically, for blog posts, there’s even more flexibility.  Set up group blogs with a variety of authors or several blogs all under one account username.  Furthermore, keep blogs private with password protection.

Plenty of third-party apps abound to enhance the Tumblr experience.  The Tumblr API makes it easy to add apps and sync your visits with numerous other web features.  iPhone, desktop and mobile apps are available, as are widgets and plug-ins that allow you to do all kinds of things from your Tumbler account, and of course automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter is also available.

Bookmarklet and Specific Memes

Another great feature of the Tumblr experience is the Bookmarklet.  Take this feature and drag it to your bookmark toolbar.  This makes it convenient to Tumblelog whenever you see something interesting on the web.

When using Tumblr, it helps to be aware of some of the quirks of Tumblr use.  For instance, Thursdays are Bacon Thursdays, and Fridays are Un-followed Fridays, where the objective is to post something so repulsive that unwanted followers stop following you.

To Begin

To get started, simply cycle through the simple registration process and choose a theme.  You’ll notice that most themes are easily customizable, even without coding knowledge.  If you’d like to, though, it’s fairly easy to change the HTML.

Creating Customized Themes

In addition, to the traditional structure of most websites, Tumblr has a few distinctions.  Each piece of information is organized by blocks.  Checking the loop you’ll see that beyond defining blocks for post types, the rest is up to you.  It’s a very flexible platform.  For more information on creating Tumblr themes and to find variables, check out the guide creating a Custom HTML Theme page on Tumblr’s website.

When creating themes you’ll make available to the public, be sure to allow for user customization and stick to the original flexibility theme of the Tumblr website.  You’ll have to be invited in order to submit premium themes for sale, but it’s free to sell defaults.  This shouldn’t stop you from selling premium themes on your own or on other sites like ThemeForest.  Remember to give yourself credit in the footer so that buyers can locate your other themes or your blog.


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