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All you need to know about link baiting

With so many web pages across the internet, web designers have to use specialised web designing tools to attract readership. In this communication age, the virtual world is an indispensable part of our lives.  Link baiting has gained immense popularity in the web designing world, and it is important that you understand all you need to know about link baiting.

With the advent of technological advancement, numerous networking techniques have emerged, one of which is link baiting, and this is a search engine optimisation technique. Any content posted on the website be it a blog, a sales page, an image, or video, is referred to as a link bait. It is a web designing process in which numerous links are gathered from as many sources as possible.

Search engine optimisation is also achieved through amalgamating various links, and sharing links with viewers. As and when people start this dynamic process of sharing links on your website, your web page transforms into a potent combination of links which in turn attract the readers. This is valid not only for new blogs, but also for established blogs, who need to increase their popularity.

Link baiting is achieved by the technique of hooking a link. There are numerous types of hooks to learn about. There are news hooks, contrary hooks, resource hooks, attack hooks and humour hooks, which are all fundamental to successful link baiting.

A news hooks refers to a scoop of information. It is used to expose a happening. The main aim of a news hook is to inform the masses. Usually, these hooks are meant for public good.

A contrary hook as the name suggests is a contrary opinion about a specific product. This attracts reader attention as negation of the conventions works as an attractive option. A contrary hook offers a controversial perspective and a controversy will always create interest, and people will link your web page for further reference. Though controversies attract attention make sure that it affirms freedom of expression, and not extremely insulting statements about the targeted person or company. If anyone takes offence, in extreme cases, you may face a law suit.

A resource hook is a combination of information and its analysis.

An attack hook is very similar to the contrary hook, but is extremely caustic and sarcastic in its approach, with the purpose of negating information or a product. These are witty statements which attract the readers as they have comic as well as satiric elements.

These links need to be connected to blog posts or article posts to increase readership, and this is the purpose of link baiting.  One thing which will always go well with the viewers is genuine and interesting content. Readers are likely to share interesting posts with their friends and link it to your webpage. So, link baiting increases the readership of the content of a web page.

Blogs and websites have to be updated frequently to be successful, and this demands web masters to immaculately cover a story and publicise it well, for a web page to carve a niche for itself in the public eye.

If the content of your website is interesting, and is designed in a way to attract readers with the incorporation of links, then your website could well be in for success.

Link baiting as a web designing technique is carried out by users, and not just the webmaster.  Content unworthy of reading, settles at the bottom of the search engine result pages, and good content gets it deserved importance. If a web page has par excellence content then with the advent of link baiting the company’s sales page, or a blog gets its share of popularity and success.  This really is all you need to know about link baiting.

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  1. TheGodfather

    This one really clears everything about link baiting. For me, link baiting is really a very complicated topic and now I begin to appreciate it’s purpose.

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    Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us. I am impressed with this.This helps me lot to improve my self.keep posting.

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    Thank you for making link baiting clear for me. I must say that I feel a bit discouraged about this. But now, I learned how simple it is. Thank you so much.

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