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Beautiful and Creative Web Design Solutions

If a visitor to your website does not enjoy their experience, they are unlikely to want to do business with you. This is unfortunate for those who cannot afford expensive designers, but there are ways you can improve your website.

Creating a beautiful and highly functional website gives your potential customers the impression that you really care about them. However, even large corporations with plenty of money still seem to be plagued by poor website design and low usability. Designers know that a bad user experience can drive business away, but making this apparent on a corporation can be a difficult process. Many big companies are only just now starting to realize how a bad website can affect their sales.

Next are some user friendly and interesting corporate sites, which can be of inspiration to any business. These websites have not been selected purely for their visuals, but rather for the carefully crafted designs that they use.

Levi Strauss & Co

This website has a good deal of flair and style, but it also demonstrates the rich history of the company. The site draws users into the past, future and present. This is a refreshing design which is inviting for any user. Their website is definitely well designed and is a solid example of what can be accomplished with some careful thought and planning.


The navigation on this website is simple and very user friendly. McDonald’s has included information and navigation buttons sparingly so that the rest of the page can be used to display startling visuals of their products. Colors and typography give a compliment to the food that is displayed, leading the user to develop a hunger for McDonald’s. This is a great example of a huge corporation that absolutely understands how to make a good website.


Subtle colors and carefully placed elements make this a unique site. Details are used appropriately and it makes navigation very simple. If you should find yourself in the wrong section it is easy to find your way around. This is a great example of a site that will earn the company business by being so simple to use.


The American Sony website is a prime example of a well designed website. However, the Canadian site truly comes into its own through its use of short films. The company has recorded how different people use Sony products to enrich their lives and displayed the outcome for all to see. This type of innovation is one of the reasons that Sony is a house hold name.

Fender guitars

One might need to be a guitarist to appreciate the shape and tone of a Fender guitar. However, you only need eyes to be able to appreciate this well implemented website. The navigation is seamlessly integrated into the beautiful design, ensuring that no users leave in frustration.

Tracking down beautiful corporate sites was more difficult than one might think. Many Fortune 500 companies do not even have their own website. In a world that is obsessed by the internet, this seems to be hard to believe.

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  1. Rob Brawn

    Great stuff, some lovely clean lines, simple and evective, big and bold is the way to go!! will share with other thnks for this!!

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