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Best Designing Tips for Ipad Apps


If you are looking for some designing tips for Ipad apps? Then look no further.  These days it’s fairly easy to design an Ipad app, but designing one that’s good does not always happen.  In this post, we’ll give advice about how to design the best kind of Ipad app – the kind that connects with users and keeps things simple.

Mind your Target

The first bit of advice is not difficult to grasp: design with people in mind.  Your target users are the masters of your design scheme.  Get to know them better, and you’ll have great design on your hands in no time.

Who’s Your Target, Anyway?

You may be convinced you’re familiar with your site visitors, but think again.  They may not be who you think they are?  When it comes to designing apps, your audience is the key factor is determining the outcome.  Who are they?  What are their likes and dislikes?  What are they looking for in the Ipad and what needs do they have?  These are the questions you should be asking in order to design useful apps that don’t alienate the user.

What Do They Want Most?

Now that you know your target, the next step is to determine what they want most? The best advice here is being attentive. Feedback is your best asset in design, especially if your target is open to communication. Pay attention to comments left on blogs and feedback sites, and be prepared for surprises.  Sometimes the best solutions are common sense factors you ruled out long ago. Be flexible and willing to change design course if you find you’ve overlooked the needs of your target a bit.

Keep it Simple

The next tidbit of advice involves the simplicity factor.  The Ipad’s uniqueness as a functional device can diminish with cluttered apps.  For the better organization, try contextual menus.  These keep the screen tidy by organizing add-on features like share and social networking buttons.  Furthermore, available is the modal view.  Using wise choices break down clutter into segmented views.  Be careful to maintain the consistent flow between segments.  This ensures that busy apps don’t detract from the overall clean and clear look and feel.

Consider Both Views

One great feature of the Ipad is that it offers two ways to view content: portrait and layout.  The problem for designers is that not everything looks good in both views.  When designing it’s important to incorporate both view and keep the look consistent for each.  One view shouldn’t hog the portrait view but look stellar in layout.
Touch Dynamics
Another important feature is the touch screen.  This means that apps must take into account special motions and movements of content.  To handle this, think real-world experiences and apply that knowledge to your design scheme. 

Solution-based Design

Today’s apps must be versatile enough to address problematic situations of all sizes and kinds, including the lack of a good Internet connection.  Design dynamic content in your apps that’s able to address problematic situations like no connection with on and offline capabilities.
A simple design can be made exceptional with the right advice.  Stick to these tips and you’re sure to create a real gem or two.

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