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Best web hosting companies

Web designers are always in demand, and if you are a designer, then building your own website will be the best idea. If you are a freelancer, and you want to setup your business, then searching for a web hosting company will be the next essential step. Having a website is very important for your business, because you can show it as a sample of your work to your clients. You can also get your website done by various web hosting companies in the market.

If you are very serious about your work, then investing a little amount of money on the website won’t be a bad idea. Web hosting companies and their services are very important, because it determines your server speed and traffic generation at the same time. Below we are going to discuss some of the best web hosting companies out there in the market.

1.    Host gator – This is one of the best web hosting company in the market. If you are having any old website, then you can make a switch by using the services of host gator. Comparatively, this website is very reasonable. You can get various packages according to your needs. Sometimes, you can also get various discounts on selected package. You can start a website at just $3.90 per month. Services like web transfer, domain space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts are completely free with host gator. You can also buy dedicated servers for your website. Both small and large websites will get a good deal on host gator.

2.    Just host – This Company is also creating some buzz in the market. It offers various services at a very reasonable rate. Services like free installation, unlimited space and free domain are having a very low cost. When you will search for web hosting companies then don’t forget to check out this company. 24 hour customer support will always be there to answer your queries. They also give you an advantage of getting your money back, if you don’t like their services. They have won several awards for c-panel feature, which is the main specialty of just host.

3.    Ipage – This web hosting company is hosting since 1998, and their services are just outstanding. This company is not as good as compared to just host and host gator, but still you can get your website done at a very low price. Their prices vary according to their services. Nowadays, they are giving special discounts, which can help you in getting a very good deal regarding your website. You won’t have to be a computer expert to design your website, because ipage will provide all the tools, which will help you in creating your website. Ipage gives you the opportunity to host your website at just $4.50 per month. You can also avail various services, which will surely help you in getting higher Google rankings.

4.    Fat cow – A very strange name, but the features and services are definitely not strange. You can host your website at a very low rate, which starts from $56 per year. This is the special price after applying various discounts. Technical support is extremely helpful and supportive. Design team of fat cow ensures that you get your desired website at a very reasonable rate. You can also transfer your old website without paying a single penny. Cpanel feature is not present on fat cow, which is a disadvantage. If you are an eco friendly person, then you will be definitely choosing fat cow, because they use green hosting technology, which get its power from wind energy.

5.    Blue host – This one of the main web hosting company in the market. This website is very similar to fat cow, but the rates are definitely not the same. Blue host will cost you a little bit more than fat cow. The packages start from $6.7 per month. It provides you various services, which can help you in setting up a very interesting and innovative website. You can also read various blogs, which can help you in knowing about various aspects of website designing.

6.    UK2 – This website hosting company is a very old player in the market. Though, their rates are not so economical, but then also you will find them very reliable in respect of providing error free services. If you are looking for some decent web hosting company then UK2 is the ultimate choice for you.
7.    IX webhosting – As compared to other web hosting companies, this website is not so reasonable. But still, they are having some decent services, which can really help you in building a very economical website. Their customer support is excellent, and they are always available to answer your queries.

8.    My hosting – Similar to IX hosting, their services are not that bad, and they even offer some good rates on various packages. If you are looking for dedicated server setup, then this hosting company can definitely help you out. Their price range is very economical as compared to other web hosting companies.

9.    Host monster – This is not a good web hosting company. The rates are higher as compared to other websites and moreover, all the services are not for free. If you are going to choose this website, then you will end up paying a lot of money.

10.    Go daddy – Every expert adviser will suggest you to stay away from this web hosting company, they are definitely one of the worst hosting companies present. Their services are poor and very costly at the same time. Server speed is also very slow, which makes the overall experience of surfing very bad.

It’s always better to launch a portfolio website, so that more and more people will come to know about your business. However, before starting a website, you must research on various web hosting companies. You might get confused, because there are lots of companies out there. Therefore, think twice before making any decision.


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