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Blogging for web design glory

There are many ways to market a website.  There are landing pages, testimonials, banner advertising, and affiliate marketing programmes, to name but a few.  All these have there place, but possibly the best way to market your website is to use a blog.  This can bring you web design glory.


You may have the dream design in place, and you may have a few hits, and the site is doing ok.  Why not make it that bit better though, with a blog?  You maybe thinking you do not need one, or that the site is fine on its own.  Here are a few points to make you think otherwise.


All large corporations have a blog, even Microsoft.  The reason for this is that it makes companies more personable, and not just a machine with a single purpose.  This takes a company beyond its brand as it gives an insight to the consumer, of what kind of people work for the company. 


This can be a contributory factor in making a sale.  The consumer feels more comfortable with someone they can relate to, and therefore the blog side of it persuades the consumer to part with their money.  This provides a competitive edge to the website, and puts it ahead of similar sites without a blog of their own.  No web design glory for them.


It is not just with sales that blogs really help a site.  Businesses that provide advice, relate news in their industry, or just make comments about the world, attract attention.  If a business is providing information, or is giving advice, word does spread and their reputation is enhanced.


You maybe asking why does this enhance traffic to a site.  Well the reason is a simple one, it enhances trust.  Many business have made the mistake in the past of being secretive about what they do, and how they do business.  By being open about pricing, policies, and how they go about their business, lifts the lid on their actions and makes them more open and honest to the consumer. 


Some businesses may believe they can charge more for a product or service by not being this open with their customer base, but many are seeing the wisdom of communicating with their customers through blogging.


It is not just businesses that benefit.  People with blogs can soon attract a readership and this yields its own rewards, as the message from your site spreads through the world wide web.  Blogging for web design glory is a reality for these kind of sites. 


In both instances website traffic will increase, which is great for a website of any kind, and also good if you are selling advertising space.  This is always a good way to make money, and that cannot be a bad thing. 


Blogs also attract attention as they are searchable on search engines.  Being largely text based, search engine spiders will crawl through them, seeking out information they have been asked to collate.  Many websites now incorporate SEO writing to push them up search engine rankings, and subsequently, increase traffic to the site.  It also makes your website more memorable which in turn, brings people back to it.  Which helps retain customers and readerships.


Perhaps though, it is the satisfaction from writing a blog that gives the greatest benefit.  The satisfaction you get from showing off your expertise, or getting your message out there cannot be overstated.  Especially if you receive positive feedback from doing so.

Blogging for web design glory, is the only way to do this.


Whatever kind of site you have it can only benefit from a blog.  Companies big and small, have recognised the wisdom of using blogs to attract traffic to their sites for a while now, and some websites are just dedicated to blogging.  Which is a good representation of how popular a medium it has become.


Remember: Web design glory is in your grasp with blogging.

2 Responses to “Blogging for web design glory”
  1. Champ + Jolly Hotdog

    Some people love blogging because it is only their avenue of expressing themselves. But blogging nowadays have become a business. Nonetheless, it is still a powerful tool in advertising your own design. The article says it all.

  2. Floyd Gayweather

    For me, blogging is an effective part to drive guests to your website frequently. Blogging consists of really brilliant ideas and personal testimonies that make guests more and more interested.

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