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Button Design: Calling all Action

“Buy Now!”  Perhaps one of the most common call-to-action buttons, it’s going to need some spark and pizzazz to get the user’s attention – or at least practical, common-sense design style.  The call -to-action button is important for conversion, profits and interactivity.  It makes sense that it should be designed with the most user friendly tips and hints in mind.

However, breaking down the dynamics of these buttons is no easy task.  So many different versions are out there, each with its own way of communicating with an audience.  It’s hard to decipher this complex world of verbal and visual stimulation, but it’s not impossible.

Many, many different kinds of call-to-action exist since there are no set rules for how one should look or what each should say.  Below, we’ve pulled together a short list of the various kinds of call-to-action buttons with a few key tips on how to make them work.


Cart Matters

Seen in every e-commerce situation imaginable these buttons are essential for making the sale.  The goals of using, one of these is to persuade the user to buy a certain product, thus their prominent presence on product pages.  The ‘add to cart’ button is pretty straightforward with few variations.  The key is to keep things familiar to the users with well-known wording and good graphic images.


On the Download

Download buttons promote a different kind of action, but are still very similar to the ‘add to cart ‘button.  Here, the key is to invite the user to download files, music, e-books or other digital products.  Designers do so using short informational phrases explaining the main details of the download.


Trial Appeals

When designers are looking for gaining the feedback or present a preview to site visitors, the trial button comes into play.  The variations here cover a wide range of style and content.  Icons accentuate and complement, only when they work with and not against the flow of the content.  Wording also may vary from a simple “Free Trial” to a complete guide on the nature of the trial as seen below.


Learn More

The ‘learn more’ button can be found almost anywhere on the web.  Variations include “Read More” and “For More Info Click Here” Whatever the content may be, it’s best to keep it short and sweet, so that the buttons remain uncluttered and well-kept.  Since this is a more subtle call to action, designers might use the largest sizing possible or eye-catching colors to make these effective.


Sign Up

This type of button can be crucial to all future contact with visitors; especially those who can sometimes be a bit touch and go.  The designer must get it right the first time.  The key here is to ensure that the button stands out from the rest of the content on the page, having its own special charm and position.  This way, visitors won’t take for granted that it’s just more wording and verbosity.

Book Oven


This is certainly not an exhaustive list of call-to action buttons, but it’s a great start.  Take some time to explore further on your own.  The knowledge gained will definitely be worth it.


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