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Whether you are a designer or a photographer, the use of an asset library is a must.  Thankfully, with the web nowadays, you don’t have to create all of your own resources. There a hundreds of places to locate top-notch aids.
Here you will find some websites that offer resources and tools to speed up your projects, and have a little fun, too.  If you are just starting out, you can get a huge jump on gathering tools to build your business.   There is nothing better than finding methods to assist in saving time and money, while enhancing your designs.
Below is a list of reputable resource sites that will help you set up your tool box.

If you Love Color

If you are a lover of colors, there is a site that is perfect for you called color lovers.  This is a global group of website designers and artists.  It contains over 1,410,989 user-created patterns for all of your projects that require very skillful creativity.

Textures to Save You Time

If you don’t have time or patience to look for usable photo materials Mayang’s texture library is perfect for you.  Here you will find over 3800 free, high quality textures, many of which, are unique and rare.

Are you Constantly Looking for Stock Photos

Your search ends today, if you are constantly looking for stock photos. Stock.xchngs is the ultimate place to get stock photos for free.  In fact, there is nothing at all like it in the entire world.   It started out as a substitute for pricy stock photographs to provide a way for artsy individuals to exchange photographs for free.  Now it is a colossal community with over 2,500,000 users and over 400,000 photos online.

On the Lookout for Icons?

There is a search engine that has been created, which greatly assists in this department, called, FindIcons.  It is the largest free icon system on the planet.

Need Some New Fonts

If you are looking for some free fonts, Dafont is where you will probably find them.  After all, just about all fonts, from everywhere find their way there.

Does a Photoshop Brush Exchange Interest you?

Brusheezy is a website that provides you with brushes created by artists and designers globally.  Not only is it a place to exchange brushes, it also provides other related resources from Photoshop as well.

Could you use a few shortcuts?

I am sure you could use a few keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work.  Coming in PDF format, the Photoshop CS5 Cheat Sheet is a must for any toolbox, .  Along with keyboard shortcuts, you will find graphics and graphs.  It is also compatible with different versions of Photoshop.

Need to Separate Intricate Objects?

If you want to separate intricate objects from backgrounds, then Fluid Mask 3 is ideal.  It effectively separates them and makes life easier.  The only difference between this and the other resources, is pricing. Fluid Mast 3 is not free but rather a premium plug-in.  It does, however, have a demo version.  That’s always helpful before purchasing.
This list is not exhaustive arsenal, but is a great start to setting up and growing your toolbox.  The flip-side is that you will have room for all the new resources that will become available.   In a constantly changing industry, your toolbox will always be growing.


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