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Design and its meaning

A design may look great but what you should really ask yourself is what it communicates. In order to answer this question, we should reason beyond the aesthetic value of the design.

You should not design just for the sake of it. You should find meaning and purpose for the work you do. The design should be a reflection of your individuality through the clients’ specification. As a designer, you are supposed to answer the question on meaning. So how do you go about this challenge without running the risk of being irrelevant?

To answer this question, one basic factor that you should be aware of is that content is everything when it comes to web design. The time you spent in weaving those codes are for the specific purpose of bringing out the content. The codes should be a fair reflection of what is expected in terms of content, and the content should have some meaning in order for it to be applauded by the end user.

When it comes to designing, the meaning can only be deciphered in the content hence the need of time and maximum effort when coding the content into reality. Since content is integral in the success of the design, we have to know where we can get this content and how we can manipulate it in order to suit our needs.

Once you have established the source of content, you will have to do the following:

i) Starting with something awesome

The good thing about this is that it will make people think outside their comfort zones. When people think outside their comfort zones, there will be anticipation which should work in your favor.

ii) Following the concept

Once the idea has been developed, you should follow it keenly as there is a lot of anticipation generated from conception.

Products that appeal to the eye automatically have engaging content to their names. Those that don’t have the content, however appealing they might be, usually run out of steam.  A good example of this can be seen in adverts. There are those that are aesthetically satisfying and are likely to have a huge following in the start.

As time passes by, they begin fading due to the fact that there is no content associated with them. In order to successfully go through this process, you will need the two. Beauty has a natural way of blending with brains hence a superior product.

Action in design

In order to find energy in design, you need to be passionate about what you do. The passion should not be as a result of visual stimulation alone. Inspiration can come from anywhere and you need to have an open mind in order to witness it.

Designing should be people –oriented and a good place to find that inspiration is through human beings interaction. Interaction, not necessarily communication, is the soul of the world and the soul radiates lots of positive energy. This energy is what you need in order to produce that masterpiece of an art.

There have been publications claiming that design can change the world. This sentiment is true to some extent. True design is usually a reflection of what we perceive, what is ideal and what is real. They all have a way in which they connect and so are the various aspect of human’s life.

Design has the ability to solve human problems. It has a way of changing the reality into the ideal situation. For a true designer, you should ask yourself whether you are changing or impacting on peoples’ lives.

It is not only about solving the clients’ problems but also finding solutions to worked problems. Designing as it is always said is an art. It’s about conceiving ideas and watching them materialize in into architectural marvels.

Every individual is a designer by default but it takes courage and determination in order to realize this. Whether you are a salesman or an executive, the same principal applies. What needs to done is the creation of awareness. People need to be aware of their design purpose in life and how they can work towards achieving this dream.

To web designers, finding your real purpose is an easy task if you are willing to start. There are pointers that should direct you in achieving this objective.

1. Analyzing your work

What is the problem at hand? How do you intent to achieve at the end of it all? Having these questions will give you the purpose and will to drive forward.

2. Word matrix

This is like a mental catalog. It guides you on what you know or need to know. It will help you link the two so as to come to a conclusion.

3. Matching and mixing

After the word matrix, you try to play with the meanings to see how well they bond.

4. The review

This in-depth analysis of the whole process and the overall impact it has on the project. If you are conversant with the problem, then you are likely to know how to tackle it and that is the true meaning of design.


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