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Design books that are Useful Part 1

Afternoon to you all, I am a little late today. I have had a fit of gardening because the weather was so beautiful this morning. The thing that started me off was the little field mouse, who has decided I am his pantry. He came looking this morning because yesterday, the bout of rain we had, washed away the bird seed I had put out. He (I presume it is a he) decided as today was a nice day, he needed to tell me to put more out as he was hungry. Anyways, once I was out there, I started pottering around, and before I knew it, it was lunchtime and I hadn’t written a word to you.

Today I want to start off on some design books that it’s useful to have. I will do a few at a time as I have a huge collection.

Julius Wiedemann (Web Design: Navigation – Julius Wiedemann)

Julius has drawn from his extensive experience around the world to write Web Design: Navigation. Having studied in Brazil where he was born, he took his talents in marketing and graphic design to Japan where he worked for both design and digital magazines as an art editor. He moved on to join Taschen where he started organizing their collection of available products in this line and has since written several books to increase the available knowledge. This book focuses on the navigation and the importance of it, particularly in Flash design.

Heather Lutze. (The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing)

Heathers book called “The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing”. It’s all about how to find clients. And let’s face it without clients you are dead in the water. Internet marketing is a very fast paced and competitive market, and you need all the help you can get. She not only shows you how to find clients but also how to change them from lookers to doers. You can find it on the publisher’s website Wiley.

Russ Unger and Carolyn Chandler

Russ and Carolyn co authored a book called “Project Guide to UX Design, A: For user experience designers in the field or in the making”. It is available from the Publishers Peachpit.  This is for any designer who intends to use or understand UX design. It covers all aspects of how to make a website user friendly and navigable on the internet, and they will lead you through your project step by step.

Shari Thurow and Nick Musica

If you ever wondered how to build your website rankings up, you really need this book called “When Search Meets Web Usability”. We all know that Google dictates but this does make understand of how to get up the ranks without that Google slap is possible. This book is also published by Peachpit.

Elliot Jay Stocks (Sexy Web Design: Creating Interfaces that Work – Elliot Jay Stocks)

Usability on the internet is obviously extremely important and Elliot addresses this while giving you the idea that making the website both attractive and useful is the main aim of the game. The Publishers website is Sitepoint.  Elliot will lead you right through the whole process from the idea to delivery.

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