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Design books that are Useful Part 2

Well, I have had another lovely pottering in the garden. I think my young helper is going to end up as a horticulturist. He really is full of ideas and innovations for the garden. We are going to be building a stand on which numerous areas for birds will be positioned. He insists it’s good for the garden to have lots of birds, and I guess he is right. They sure are pretty to watch. So later today I am off to buy the necessary timbers and hangers.  He had it all mapped out for me with sizes and all.

Speaking of design let’s get back to the books, I am suggesting to you.

Helen Armstrong

Helen offers you the book she has written called “Graphic Design Theory”. It’s a book that every graphic designer should have in his or her library. This lady really knows what she is talking about and covers all the relevant aspects of design with you in the 3 sections that she has divided the book into: Namely “Creating the Field”, “Building on Success”, and “Mapping the Future”.

Todd Perkins

Todd has brought out a book about optimizing your flash for search engines. I was personally under the opinion that search engines didn’t like flash. Maybe they just don’t see it that well. The name of the book is “Search Engine Optimization for Flash”  He has taken the time and trouble to learn how to use flash effectively without being penalized by the search engines. If you like using flash you need to buy this book to learn to do it correctly.

Jason Cranford Teague

This is a book about CSS and how web designers should be using it. It is called “Speaking in Styles”.  It’s available from PeachPit. Don’t delay in getting it. Speaking really speaks to you and explains all you ever wanted to know about CSS.

Rajesh Lal and Lakshmi Chava

This duo has come out with a book on Widgets. How they work where we find them and the different things CSS Ajax and Dom can do with them. Rajesh really is an expert on the subject with many awards for his work.
The book title is “Professional Web Widgets with CSS, DOM, JSON and Ajax by Rajesh Lal and Lakshmi Chavaague”

Cory Webb

Cory has written a book called Beginning Joomla. I admit I have never tried Joomla, but it’s something I intend to try with the help of this book. He leads you through Joomla from the start to finish and makes it sound easy.

Konstantin Käfer and Emma Hogbin

Emma and Konstantin have combined their talents to write the book “Front End Drupal”.  This is basically a book about how to design and build themes that are both workable and look good. Available from the publishers Pearson it’s a good book to have if you are thinking about using Drupal.

Paul Boag

Paul has written a book that every potential website owner needs. Here he gives them the basics that they are in need of to be able to discuss their website needs with a designer and both of them understand what is being said. So often potential website owners come in not knowing anything about how the basic structure of setting up a website works. Instead of being bemused and not eventually getting what you want, read this book before you start. The “Website Owner’s Manual” is available from Manning Publications Co.

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  1. Cory Webb

    Hey, thanks for mentioning my book! I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you have any questions.

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