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Designers should team up with writers

If you are a freelance web designer, then sometimes you will face serious problems regarding content creation. You must be thinking why content is important for website designers. Well, the answer is very simple, you are the one who will use those contents on various web pages, and it is your responsibility to place that content accordingly.

Sometimes, clients will give you all the details regarding website, and then they will send you content after creation of website. But these things are not having surety, because if your client doesn’t supply that content on time, then you will also miss your deadline.

After that, if you send a reminder to your client that you are still waiting for the content, then you might get a reply that they are pretty busy with their work, and you should get it by next week, well, you wait for one week, and still no content is received by you. This late schedule will further increase the project time. Well, many freelance web designers have faced this situation in their long career.

The main problem is that client always wants to save money by trying to write all the content on their own. Clients think that spending money on content creation is just a waste of money. Well, clients with this mentality don’t understand the value of time and they also delay their website work. On the other hand designers had to wait a lot before they receive any content from their client.


The solution of this problem is very simple. If you are going to make a deal with your client then don’t ask them about creation of content, instead of that just tell them they will be contacted by their writer soon, who will manage all the content of this new website. This approach is very straight forward, and your client will be left with no other option.

After that, your writer can directly contact you client, and discuss all the rates and deadline with the client. The responsibility of your writer will be huge, because they will have to note down all the requirements and later they will have to produce content which should follow all the instructions. Deadline is also an important factor, which should be considered after accepting a project.

This might sound a very direct approach, but this will ensure that your website will be ready within the specified deadline and moreover you can create good impression on the client. If you don’t want your writer to receive direct payment from clients, then you can pay then from your own pocket.

All you have to do is increase the amount, which your will charge for website creation. Increasing the overall charge may sound bad but in fact you will get serious projects, if you do so.

How to get excellent writers

If you want to increase your reputation, then you must some of the best copywriters out there in the market. You can also ask your friend to do copy-writing for you, but always make sure that the writer should posses some quality skills. If you don’t have any friend to help you, then you can search for various freelance writers who are looking for some quality work at decent rates.

These freelance writers are very cheap and they know how to produce quality content within the specified deadline. There are various online websites where you can post projects and hire writers to work for you.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media website where you can find some quality writers. You can check out their profiles. You can also check their previous work samples, which will help you in selecting the perfect writer for you. There are many writers who are not familiar with this market, but they posses quality skills.  You can use feed-backs given by previous clients to filter the best writer who can work efficiently for you.

Always look for experienced writers because they know how to create content, which can easily be optimized by using proper keywords. These writers are having enough experience to write on various topics, and moreover they can produce quality content within hours. Writers must understand the difference between marketing language and website content. An experienced writer can write all forms of content without making any mistake. A perfect writer will write intelligent articles, which will attract more users towards them. Therefore, you must choose a writer who specializes in
writing website content.

If you want good response, then you can try various websites where you will find various writers applying for the job. They can be non- native writers from different countries. But being a non-native English speaker is the not the main problem. The main problem is writers who produce articles with incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes. You must choose a writer who can perfectly carry your work, because their writing will eventually reflect your quality.


When it comes to payment, there are various ways by which you can pay your writers. You can go for monthly system where you can pay them at the beginning of the month. You can also choose to go with per project plan, where writers are paid on the basis of project work. There are various payment portals available, which can be used to pay your writers. If your writer lives in your country then you can pay them via bank transfer.

You can also ask your clients to pay your writers separately, so that you won’t have to face the payment tension.

Writers can really help you in creating a good impression on clients. You can even get good money for future projects and if your writer does a good job, then clients may offer your writer some more money for extra projects. Always team up with your writer to increase your popularity. It’s just a matter of time, and soon you will see that you are getting numerous high budget projects. All you have to do is manage things properly and submit projects within specified time.


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