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Developments of web design in conference

Everybody loves a conference. It is one big excuse to party. The fact that you actually meet like minded people and get creative ideas at the same time is a huge plus. It’s meets and greets and the dropping of an idea that makes your mind spin into gear. It’s incredible, how many ideas can spring from a social event and just chatting to someone casually.

There have been numerous conferences around the world recently and a few more still to come, so we are going to take a brief look at some of them and see what was there and what ideas might blossom from them. The way their websites were put together and how they attracted people. It’s amazing how many people attend some of these events.

London Design Festival

Although we are looking at design here this is more of a structural design that a web application. It was a show which attracted thousands of visitors. Over 350,00 in fact.  It was held during Sept of 2010.  This festival isn’t held only in one area it’s held in 150 areas of London.  Each one of these hosts certain events, so you have to know your way around and plan what you want to see of the events that are held. The central venue is at the V & A Museum. Most of the events are free to enter as the festival is funded by both public and the private sector.  The website gives you a schedule of the events that take place and the venue at which it is being held.

Idea Conference

The idea conference was held in Philadelphia this year. They tend to move their venue every year. The workshops they held were about “Designing Meetings” and “Designing Communities of Care”. The overall design of the website was clean and clear. They had good clear links, and everything worked well.


Very clever use of paper clips to make this a site to be remembered. The colors were bold and well contrasted. A unique wording in one profile had me clicking to see what an eating designer was. Held over three busy days in New York at the Sheraton, it looked as if there was a huge amount of talent both in speakers and in attendees.

Future of Web Applications

A two day event held this year in London with a second one coming up in Las Vegas in February 2011,  which will be over three days. The first day will be the day of workshops with the conference being held over the following two days. Website is fast clear and unambiguous, telling you what you need to know and in the fastest possible time. It is an excellent example of a good website.

Web design world

This conference was held in Las Vegas in Oct with the keynote speaker being Greg Rewis of Adobe.  He was the former Dreamweaver tech product manager and is a master of his craft with over 16 years experience at the top of his field. This is definitely a conference, I am sorry to have missed.


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