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Domain Decisions: Several Considerations

What qualities should you look for in a good domain host?  Choosing one can be daunting task, especially since the list of domain hosting companies goes on and on.  Perhaps the hardest part is deciding what’s important on your own personal list of good hosting traits.

A good hosting company will be the one that fits your particular needs the best, but there are some qualities that will apply to any customer’s interests.  In this post we’ll, take a look at these and present a few tips to guide you through the process of choosing a great domain hosting company.

1. Consider the Cost

The initial, knee-jerk reaction, especially for those on a tight budget is to go with the cheapest option available.  Why?  This is simply because “free” and $”1.99” domain hosts come a dime a dozen these days.  Companies have figured out ways and means, such as outsourcing help and support, to drive costs down and thus gain the maximum number of clients.  For customers, this means that several sacrifices and compromises may be necessary.  Make sure those sacrifices are ones you’re willing to make.

If not, go with a more expensive version that’s still affordable.  The cost of having excellent hardware and real-time support or other features could be considered a good investment in the long-run.  Consider carefully what features you’re willing to splurge on and then make your choice.

2. Consider Company Expertise

Keep in mind that, these days, web hosting companies have specialties.  Some cater to small business looking to grow gradually.  Some are all about offering the best hardware.  It’s a good idea to know the company’s expertise and to match it to your needs before making a purchase.  To find out more, do your homework.  Many sites offer cost and feature comparisons for your decision-making pleasure.  Use these liberally, and determine the pros and cons of each company’s expertise first.



3. Specifications

Does the hosting plan contain enough RAM for your site to function well without long load times?  What is the processing speed like?  Are virtual servers available?  All these questions can be answered first by an overall assessment of your goals for the functionality of your site and second by the company’s customer service representatives.  Sit down and figure out all the details, then give the company a call and get to the bottom of all the specifics of its specifications.

4. Unique Extras

It’s also good to consider what makes a web hosting company unique.  What features are they offering that set them apart from the rest?  Are they providing something you need, but haven’t anticipated?  Sometimes the extras get overlooked because we stop searching once we’ve determined the basic offerings, but keep investigating.  You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

5. Hardware

Great hardware is a domain hosting essential.  Without it, the amount of time and frustration that comes from with dealing with your site could be a huge turnoff, not to mention a waste of your hard-earned money.   This is an aspect of domain hosting that, you cannot walk into a store and actually see for yourself, so you’ll want to contact customer service and ask as many questions as possible.   Here, again, doing the research so that you get standard hardware lingo straight first, can make a big difference.

6. Customer Service and Help

Last but never least; consider the kind of help you can expect to receive from the company.  Is it 24/7 or are there certain hours of the day you should know about, and if so, is the company in the same time zone as you are?  Considerations like this ahead of time can go a long way when problems arise.  The best support is prompt and available around the clock with several different means of communication, such as live chat and email. 


Choosing a domain hosting company doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  With a little guidance, you can make the best decision that offers rewards both now and in the future.


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