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Don’t link arms, link up…A guide to effective SEO link campaigns

There are many elements to SEO, and the chances are that if you are not on the money with all of it there will be a gaping hole in the page rank.  The part that tells Google whereabouts on the page to put you is determined by how many external links there are to your website, and the only way to get these links is to run a link campaign.

Before you start posting on forums, blogs and issuing bribes, bear in mind that Google rates the quality of the link.  So if your website is about classic cars for example, then a link from another classic car website will count higher, as Google deems that to be a better recommendation than a link from a website that sells organic vegetables.  The thinking however, among many SEO gurus, is that any link is better than none.  If you think of links having a value, say 1 for links that are not relevant to your site, and a 100 for links that are, then you have the idea.

Ok, so now we’re onboard with that, what avenues can you explore to get your link on someone’s site.  It is always a good idea to link your site via social networking, as your site will benefit from the incoming links, but also other people will see the link and click it.  It’s brilliant how they work, and as SEO is about traffic generation, then this can only be a good thing.

Directories is one option, and Google rates some more highly than others.  If you are on a budget, then there are some very good free directories that you can list your site on that will bring about a good link.  In this instance, a good link means they are rated by Google as a quality site that your website is listed on.  Many of these have fairly strict listing policies and it can well be a few months before you see your site appearing on them.  This is fine as long as you have the patience to wait.  Other options you may consider are web groups on social networking sites such as Facebook.  The Visa Business Network is a popular business directory application on this site.

Forum and blog posting is another good way to obtain links from a site.  The key here is to make sure what you say is relevant and thought out.  Posting such as, “nice blog”, or “great post”, tell people that you are just after a link.  Very often this will result in your post being deleted, and subsequently so will the link.  When you post, make sure you can say something that is relevant to the topic or post, and this should be fairly easy to do if you are posting on a site in the same market as yours.

You may want to consider outsourcing the campaign altogether.  This can be relevant if you are in a niche market, where you are on page 2 of Google and not getting too much traffic, or page 20 in a competitive market.  This way the slog of link building is no longer your slog, and though prices vary, for around $150, you can get a quality link building company to do this for you.  As with all other methods of link building, fifty links are a good plus to get you to the top of Google.

Link building is the way Google sees your website in terms of relevance and popularity, so it is essential that you focus on your link campaign to bring this about.

14 Responses to “Don’t link arms, link up…A guide to effective SEO link campaigns”
  1. diannelane4ever

    This is indeed very useful. I will be applying this guide to my daily tasks. Thank you for the information.

  2. Webplore

    Fabulous tips! Thank you so much for the information.

  3. Allan

    I believe that link building is the best process in Search Engine Optimization. But before campaigning your site make sure also that you have good contents because like any other SEO sites Content is always the most important thing in a site.

  4. Trivedi Roman

    Yes, there are various social networking sites where you can promote your own site. These will not require any fee. And I think that’s best.

  5. TheGodfather

    The article hits the right spot on effective SEO technique. While content is a critical factor, it’s no more critical than the importance of positioning and planning the link building thing.

  6. Offshore Web Designing

    “Before you start posting on forums, blogs and issuing bribes, bear in mind that Google rates the quality of the link.”

    Ya!! and also that, a diversified link profile is the most natural way, a website must be appeared in front of a search engine….

  7. Wilmer Paras

    Now I understand what link building is. I am about to start an online business and is studying the all abouts of it. Thank you for this post.

  8. Delois Fernando

    I have been wondering what SEO means and what link building does. I was told that to gain more traffic for my site, I should employ those. There are various articles I’ve read and this post is one of the most helpful.

  9. SEO Pro

    I completely agree with Allan. Content is also a critical factor when it comes to SEO. Link building comes in next.

  10. Panter

    I am not sure at first what SEO is. I just thought that it is something for searching. But I am very surprised to read this article. I just simply do link building. Now, I understand its terms. I will follow this the next time. Thanks a lot!

  11. Grant

    Way to go Panter. I am happy that you now understand the importance of link building and SEO. Remember, you have to be careful with your link building. It is important that you value the content the most.

  12. Panter

    Thank you so much for that Grant. Thank you also for the author of this article. It is very hard for me to understand the directories and forums. Then again, thank you for this article. It helped a lot.

  13. Alton Diaz

    @Webplore: Yes, these are indeed fabulous tips.

    I am managing my own site and is thinking of building links to draw more readers. Congratulations for this nice post.

  14. WeTheDevelopers

    What a great tip for Link Building. I have greatly enjoyed the part where you have said that SEO Guru thinks that Any Link is Better than No Link. But this is absolutel Wrong. You have really pointed out Very Important Point for SEO and Link Building Package use for by Web Development Company.

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