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Fifty Top Extensions and Add-ons for Surfing on Firefox

Internet browsers are a person’s window to the World Wide Web. In order to add functionality to our favorite web browsers, people have created a number of useful add-ons and extensions. With the right add-ons, people can ensure that they have the best downloading, searching, browsing, and navigating experience possible. Below is a list of fifty Firefox extensions that can be used in a number of situations. Try out the ones that best suit your needs.

Mozilla Firefox Tabs

Tab Mix Plus: Provides additional tab options such as merging tabs, duplicating tabs, and closing tabs from of the same domain name.

Undo Closed Tabs: Creates a toolbar option that allows you to reopen closed tabs.

Colorful Tabs: Makes your interface more aesthetically appealing by making tabs of different colors. This also makes the tabs easier to distinguish.

Firefox Showcase: Gives you an easy way to find and switch to any window you currently have opened in Firefox.

All-in-One Gestures: Merges extensions (history scroller, rocker navigation, autoscrolling, mouse gestures, link tooltip, and tab scroller) for more efficient management of navigation, mouse movements, and scrolling.

Permatabs: Tabs can be made permanent so that they cannot be accidentally closed.

Downloading Files

Download Statusbar: An extension that creates a status bar for completed, current, and queued downloads.

Open IT Online: A must have for people that do not want to download additional software for opening different files. It will open images and documents online.

DownThemAll!: An add-on that provides you with advanced downloading options. With one click, you can download every image or link on a webpage. It has customizable filters so that everything can be personalized.

PDF Download: Provides you with a number of options any time you attempt to open a PDF file.

FlashGot: Uses external download managers to help you efficiently handle downloads of all sizes.

Video Download Helper: Makes it easy to download images and videos from picture/audio galleries and websites like YouTube.

Security and Privacy

NoScript: Blocks possible malicious attacks by preventing script from running on questionable domains.

Password Exporter: Makes it possible to transfer saved passwords into a different browser or onto another computer.

CookieCuller: Gives more options to unprotected or protect specific cookies.

FoxyProxy: Provides complete proxy management capabilities by supplementing the limited options offered by Firefox.

Stealther: Works by temporarily disabling things such as cookies and history. It allows you surf the internet without traces being left behind on your computer.


Foxmarks Bookmark Synchonizer: This works by keeping all the bookmarks on your computers synchronized. It runs unobtrusively in the background.

Reliby: Gives you the ability to load all of your active bookmarks.

Shareaholic: Makes it possible to share, email, and bookmark specific sites without having to leave the browser.

StumbleUpon: A browsing tool that helps you to locate and share new sites.

Video and Music Control

MediaPlayerConnectivity: Will open a website’s embedded video in a separate window.

FoxyTunes: Allows you to control the music you are listening to without forcing you to leave the browser.

Navigation and Website Control

All-in-One Sidebar: An extension that has a wide range of customizable options. It is a sidebar tool with a number of capabilities. You can view websites or code in the sidebar, view different dialog windows for things like downloads, and you can move quickly from sidebar to sidebar.

Yoono: Personalizes your internet experience by suggesting websites and people who have common interests.

GreaseMonkey: Has the capability to alter any website’s behavior by installing user scripts.

PicLens: Basically optimizes your browser for the viewing of videos and photos. You will have a stunning visual experience as you find and open images.

Text size toolbar: Allows users to change the text size of any page. There is also a default option so that the page can be quickly returned to normal.

Mystickies: Gives you the ability to make virtual sticky notes that can be places anywhere on the web. The notes can even be organized.

Clear Cache Button: Helpful tool for anyone that needs to clear their cache on a regular basis. It adds a button that will completely clear your cache in one click.

Greater Email Control

WebMail Notifier: Can be used with any major email account (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) and will notify you of any unread messages.

Gmail Manager: Gives user the ability to efficiently handle more than one Gmail account. It will display different account details such as space used and unread messages.

Better Gmail 2: Based on Greasemonky scripts that provide more Gmail features.

Website Links

Hyperwords: Provides interaction capabilities to all the words in the browser and not just those that are links.

IE Tab: Can display Internet Explorer pages and links in a Mozilla Firefox tab. This is a great tool if you have to work with Internet Explorer only links.

Paste and Go: Makes surfing faster by allowing you to paste a web address into the browser and load it in a single step.

Linky: Makes it possible to open any links you have selected in separate windows or tabs. You can download any link from the different texts including images and web addresses.

FirefoxView: Creates a “View in Firefox” toolbar so that Firefox can be opened with the selected link present in Internet Explorer.

Linkification: The Firefox browser will display email addresses and plain-test URLs as viable links.

Web Searches

CustomizeGoogle: Removes the spam from search results and also adds extra useful information such as links to additional information.

Answers: Click on a word while holding Alt and this add-on will give you an accurate explanation or definition.

NextPlease!: Makes checking out links easy with the ability to assign shortcuts on the keyboard, which can go back and forth between search results.

Google Toolbar for Firefox: Gives you easy access to all of Google’s services including Gmail, spell check, and PageRank.

BetterSearch: Enhances search results with the addition of link thumbnails.

Other Well-Used Extensions

ChatZilla: A chat client that is user friendly.

Forecasatfox Enhanced: Gives you customizable automatic weather updates with the ability to pause and restart radar images.

Scribefire: A blog editor that you can access through Firefox. It allows you to post to a multitude of blogs.

DictionarySearch: Quickly provides word definitions.

Adsense Notifier: Creates a status bar with your current AdSense earnings.

Web Developer: Puts essential web developing tools into a menu and toolbar.




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