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Freelance Graphic Designing: Tips and Pointers

Many people make a living as freelancers. Some people might consider this to be a dream job, while others view it as a curse. There are many pros and cons involved in freelancing. On the plus side, you get to organize your own work load and take time off when you need to stop working. However, these positives come with some serious negatives. Being able to freelance takes a lot of responsibility and can involve a steep learning curve. You will not have a boss telling you what to do and how to do it, so there will be a great deal of effort required on your part. Freelancing can be a risky profession, but this article should help you out.

Never undersell yourself

When you are just starting your own business, it is given that you will probably have to work for a lower than the normal rate. You are new to the industry and your skills might not be up to standard yet. This might mean that you are working a lot of hours for less than desirable pay rates. Once you have worked hard each week you should be happy if you are able to pay for your lifestyle from your efforts and congratulate yourself. Build up a positive relationship with your clients and let them know the level of work that you are doing. As you acquire experience and develop your skills it is important that you do not undersell yourself. Set rates, which are appropriate for the work that you are putting in. Do not work for peanuts, because you are worth more than that.


If you are going to succeed in the freelance industry you have to be persistent. When you are starting out you will notice that you cannot complete work very quickly and things will become difficult. However, if you persist and do not become discouraged you will find that your hard work will eventually pay off, and you will have a viable business on your hands.

Get exposed

There are many opportunities for you to market your business. Word of mouth is a great way to sell yourself, but there are other methods that might work better. Go to forums, blogs, galleries and social networks to spread the word about your freelancing business. Writing and submitting articles that relate to your field of expertise is also a great way to gain credibility.

Before you tag – calculate

Before you give your rate to an employer, be sure to calculate everything. Write down the time, resources and effort that you will have to put into a particular job. Some clients might assume that a job is easy, but you need to assure them that it takes a lot of work. If the job was truly easy they would simply do it themselves, but the fact is that designing is not easy work.

If you want to be a freelancer you simply have to apply yourself, follow these tips, and make sure to work hard an expose yourself.


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