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Good Web design: It’s all about understanding the user.

The virtual world has become an integral part of everyone’s life in the present day communication age.  This makes it increasingly important for web developers to create interesting web pages. We designers need to understand the psyche of readers, or their target audience to give them what they want in the most efficient, and user friendly way.  In effect, good web design is all about understanding the user.

Utility, easy accessibility and easy reading is what brings readers to read your webpage. People do not read every word of the page, but have an inherent tendency to scan through information and filter out what is of no relevance to them. The design of the webpage has to be such that it impels the reader to have a look at what you intend to tell, or “sell” to them.
Web designing is an important factor which can catch the reader’s attention. A major fallacy is more attractive the page and more vibrant the colors used, will make it more interesting for the reader. This is a myth amongst people and it is advised to abrogate such conventions from the very beginning.

As a web designer, it is important to understand that for graphical purposes, and if you are using RIAs’, is to be tasteful, and to use them to enhance the page rather than overwhelm it. 

An impressive magnifying effect may work well, and controlling of the timeline may work well with action script 3, but make sure it is in keeping with the content. A slide show and 3D figures can be used to grasp the viewer’s attention, though color contrasts should be subtle not loud.

The flash AS3 video player will leave a visual impact on the viewers. Animation and trendy mouse cursor symbols can intrigue the viewer, but may make the page unreadable.  Always bare this in mind. 

The basic flash CS3 drag and drop technique, an mp3 player, a tunnel effect in flash, along with the particle effect tutorial, will aid you in the creation of the perfect web page providing they do not overwhelm the user.

If they like your web design you are on your way to success, and your web design, will have been geared to understanding the user.

Advertisements can be a big turn off if at the click of a button numerous pop ups turn up, as it is not pleasing for the readers.  It won’t take them a second to click the back button and continue visiting other sites and consider alternatives.

Optimal resolution has to be kept in mind while creating a web page. For a reader the best web design is no advertisements, no pop ups, no irrelevant information. If all web designers created different RSS encodings then it will be a visual disaster for the viewer.

Make sure the website is designed in such a way that it is self explanatory and leads users to solutions rather than more questions. Give information accordingly in a logical way. Have dynamic and eye catching content and highlight the keyword that defines your company so that it is the primary object is bought to the viewer’s notice.

Give bullet points, categorize and give guidelines to the user as this gives them a feeling of simplified steps to reach a common goal of you, and your potential client.

In the present day scenario consumer behavior and demands are changing. The web design has to be such that it transcends boundaries of time and target audience to suit the visual, graphic and content requirements of one and all.

All web designers know a kaleidoscope of software, but what makes one web designer better than the other is the understanding the webmaster shares with the viewer. The style of the website should be not bound by a rigid structure.

The one lesson from this you must have gained, is that for good web design: It’s all about understanding the user.

6 Responses to “Good Web design: It’s all about understanding the user.”
  1. Stacey

    Hi, Richard. Nice post I must say! I didn’t have an idea that website designing services differ according to the subject. I am an accountant and got my website designed by Emochila (http://www.emochila.com) a few months ago. Emochila mentioned that they specialized in CPA websites but I thought their services would be applicable for every sector alike. I was wrong. They understood the needs of my profession and added appropiate links, finance calculators, and a convenient file transfer service. Their understanding of my professional needs really helped my website be beneficial to my clients instead of just a place to look up my address online. Beyond giving my website the professional look it needed, their design team helped create my logo giving my firm a creative, unique presence on the web. I would recommend their services to all those who are looking for an expert website design firm in the US.

  2. Shenla

    First of all, thank you for this article. This is helpful for those who are asking why no body likes their web designs.
    I would just like to add something in Luis’ statement. If you keep on creating your designs without thinking about your readers, it will result as a waste of time. I don’t think anyone wants that.

  3. Phey

    This is such a cool article. I like the way this article gives the objective to our web designers. Way to go! More articles like this please.

  4. Arvin

    First, you have to take note of what genre or kind of market your up to touch. Second, think of the design that will catch their interests. Lastly, promote your site to them. This is very basic. But, if you have intentions of pleasing all types of readers, that’s a different story.

  5. Luis

    I totally agree with you Arvin. However, I agree with the simplicity of this article’s description. Whatever it takes, you should take in consideration your clients first. You can’t just create a web design.

  6. Sooner

    I agree with Arvin. It will be very hard to please all users. You have to set your target. Focus on one area only. Little by little make it general.

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