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Guide to Coding

Every person who wants to have a web presence would be in need of designing or programing assistance. In this case you need to resolve all the issue related to web designing, inspiration, programming etc.

If you are a beginner, it is very important to learn about all the aspect of coding as it an integral part of developing a website. In this article, I will guide you through the entire process involved in how to program websites.

Importance of Learning How To Program

The concept of coding has gained much popularity as more people are diverted towards blogging. There were many people who wanted to get started with their own blog as it appeared to be a very easy task that can be done by anyone. In the same way, the demand to learn how to program websites is tremendously increased as it has become a demand-able work in the technological field.

Which Language to Get Started With?

If you have some sense of developing websites, then you must also be aware of the fact that there are numerous programming languages. Due to this reason, it becomes very difficult to figure out which language should be learned and where to start from. Here is a brief guide, which you can follow to start with the coding your websites.

•    Start with the language C.

•    Get to know about Python.

•    The easiest language in the process is Ruby.

•    Java is very famous and is very demand-able as well.

Getting To Learn Programming

Learning how to program a website is a very easy job if you know what you are doing and how you are doing it. It is a game depending on the selection of language. Like any other job, you will make some mistakes and will experience success in your work and similar is the case for learning how to program. Slowly and gradually you get to learn it.

•    Programming websites is considered to be an art and there are no right ways to learn it. C++, C#, C, Ruby, Java and various other programming languages are referred to as different tools through which you will be able to learn about programming. But, one thing is important, these languages are simply tools, it is up to you how you make use of it. Simply put in what is within your mind. Do not think much rather, try it out.

•    The next step is to find a resource from where you can get started and work on practical terms. Later in this article I have mentioned some resources from where you can start right away and take benefit from.

•    There are also questions as to how long do it takes to become a website programmer. Well, the question cannot be really answered as it might take you years to excel in the field and become an expert web programmer such as that of Mark Zuckerberg.

Lastly, the programming language can be whatever you have interest in because the basis of nearly all the programming languages is the same. The only change lies within the syntax and this change can be easily traced within a couple of weeks. The essential part of programming aspects is to know how to code. It cannot be done by simply watching online tutorials or reading books, instead, it requires coding the stuff by you.

It is never advised to copy out the entire program and get it executed as is explained in different tutorials. The important thing is to type the code itself and then execute it. Add in changes that are uniquely yours and start understanding the programming functions.

How to Select a Project

The answer to this question is within your own hands. Now, since you have gone through all the tactics involved in programming websites and all is set to develop one of your own web applications, the thinking time has been passed out. Choose any topic and get started with your work. You can code anything you want to.

From Where to Learn Programming

As mentioned above, following are the resources from where you can get to know every aspect related to programming and coding and which are very useful in determining your abilities to program a website.

•    Try Ruby: This source has been designed to familiarize you with the workings of Ruby programming languages. The course is very simple and requires only 15 minutes to get firsthand knowledge.

•    W3Schools: The school has specialized in providing training to people who want to excel in websites programming. The course has been well planned and gets started with the basics along with stretching it to advanced explanations in a way that it becomes very easy to understand. If you are a beginner, than this source can be considered as your first stop.

•    Codecademy: This website too holds information that covers every aspect of coding on websites. If you are interested to know more about JavaScript, than this website will offer you the opportunity to get the job done.

•    Code School: This website is offering programming learning techniques through video tutorials along with on-the-fly coding tools which is a great help in understanding coding even if you are amateurs and do not know much about it.

•    Lifehacker’s learn to code: This website has articles through which you are able to deeply know about the basics of coding and programming of websites. These articles are excellent starting points for all those who are in the requirement to know more about programming and its related aspects.

•    PHP Know How: PHP is another language which is mostly used by those websites that are operating on WordPress concepts and functions.


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