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Guidelines for Writing a Good web Page

This tutorial outlines ways in which web designers can covert their expertise into writing perfect web pages. It is an art, which entails skill, practice and consistency. Excellent Web page writing consists of being able to capture the targeted audience by way of content suitability, graphics and user friendly devices.

The About Page

Even though some visitors do not go there first, they will eventually end up on the About Page. What is the” About Page” really about? Well, it gives pertinent information about the operations of the site, its purpose, the target viewing population; system’s accessibility and the hosts’ team.
Importantly, web designers say that is the most significant page. Yes, that might be so, but from research findings it is not the most visited page on a website. After getting through the home page many visitors tend to leave or merely click on what is important to them.

As such, when writing the ‘About page’ there are certain considerations, which must be made. First it must be clear who are the visitors that will be browsing the web page? Are they first time, regular or people seeking employment with you? These are three solid questions, which need clarification.

Because this is so vital to designing the web page and attractiveness of the site further measures must be taken to provide a basic overview at the top of the page in response to who are you!? What do you do? When did you start doing what you are doing now? Where are you and how are you accomplishing what you have promised?

It is advised to answer these questions using one to two paragraphs at the top of the page. A vivid example of how this is done is explained in the diagram below whereby six revisions are used to demonstrate answers to each question.

Applying these questions to the about page

The diagram below offers great insights into how each question is structured to fit the page. Just examine the interface. The two first questions are answered on the first line; then the third one on the second line; the fourth on the third line and the fifth question utilizes lines four and five.

Using the Inverted Pyramid to Structure your Work

The diagram below explicitly shows how to begin your writing by applying a specific technique. Mainly, it is putting the most important content at the top. Afterwards it is simple to follow through with the least important information ending up at the bottom.

Importantly, remember to include information that gives biographies of people who run the site; website traffic statistics and interesting facts; people who worked in the past; technologies that run the site and their applications; mailing address and phone numbers; other sites with the same host team; links to social media accounts; graphs of web site traffic and the company’s goals and aspirations for the wide.
Writing up the ‘About Page’ can be very interesting. It requires the skill of careful planning and asking questions to clarify or eliminate extraneous material. Best wishes in writing up an excellent web page.


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