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How Important Are Modern Web Browsers Really To Users?

Although Internet Explorer still remains a favorite with web users, other browser such as Google Chrome and Firefox to name a few are starting to offer new and modern features that are highly competitive. While it is true that modern web browsers may provide exciting tools for users and web designers, one should consider whether these enhanced browsers really make a difference.

The average users may not really care or even notice whether drop down menus or buttons are using CSS or Flash. They probably could not discern between JavaScript or HTML5, what they would be looking for is the content and what information they can gather from a particular website. What readers are seeking is either social relationships and exchanges or getting what they are looking for quickly and efficiently and not much else.

It is true that a website may appear differently depending on the browser you use, but websites should not have to compel users to switch to modern browsers they are not comfortable with, just for sake of technological advancement. A website should avoid specifying that users would have an enhanced browsing experience with their website if they were to use a particular browser instead of another. Even though this may be the truth, obliging people to use what they are not used to is a big mistake, for people need to adapt to new technologies following their time frame.

Other interactive options such as the navigation menu should also work properly on all interfaces and website platforms. Even if you do offer modern and exciting features on your websites that will only work with certain browsers, if your web design does not offer efficient functions then it will not be successful.

All web designers dream of being able to design a web site based on just one web environment, but this is just not possible, with all the different devices available nowadays. This is why, although modern browsers offer enhanced tools for web designers to develop their projects with, it is important not to forget how important the content in the website is. If a web designer only focuses on modern browsers forgetting how many users still use traditional forms of Internet navigation, they will be excluding the largest portion of Internet users.

Users should be allowed to use the old editions of their favorite browsers, while being offered an enhanced and more attractive website. To achieve this you can use certain modern features that will adapt to old browsers even though they do not support these features. This means that they will still work well to enhance user-effectiveness, but may not show up exactly as they would with other browsers. As long as it does not change the user experience for those using older browsers this can be done and allow for better browsing with reduced features.

Many users will not even notice that some features change on the pages of their websites, but will provide better access and modern options for those who use more modern browsers.

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  1. Martin

    A really great post, it’s something that I, and probably many other users didn’t even consider. Having looked at my websites on other browsers, I found some small, but nonetheless annoying glitches, which as a result of reading this I am able to do something about, and quickly.

  2. anusha

    hiii very nice site

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