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How to boost SEO of your Facebook page

Facebook has become a force to reckon with when it comes to internet marketing.  There has been a shift from the traditional online marketing by companies and brands as most of them are embracing social network in the line of social change.  This can be a big boost especially to SEO endeavors of a company.

Facebook is on the verge of reaching one billion users and counting which only goes to show off the amazing potential it posses when you are trying to reach out at the targeted clientele.

With just the perfect mix of inverse links, captivating keywords and catchy headings, any SEO expert is likely to witness success in the website he or she is working on and the case is no exception when it comes to Facebook. There are well researched and proven ways in which SEO can boost your Facebook page.

1. Linking from a variety of sources

Linking may be a traditional approach but nevertheless extremely essential. As a SEO expert, you should try as much as possible to ensure that you are getting links to your SEO page. Links are like recommendation and for you to have as many as possible; you will have to do a great job on the content.  If your content is good, then automatically word will go around the quality you have to offer and people will be streaming to your website or blog to prove for themselves.

The internet is an intricate pattern and Google will notice if your pages and tabs are linked to numerous and heterogeneous sources.  You should take note that search engines give a huge preference where the links are coming from and that is why you should be careful when linking because quantity means nothing to Google,  because of the complex algorithms  it use s to calculate the links.

2. Pushing your brand

The name of your brand is of great importance when it comes to the business of SEO. Search engines work well in optimum conditions and hence the need of a good brand name that will produce a very strong heading that is heavily prioritized by search engines.

The titles should contain the name of your business or the product that you are selling.  The brand should be the main selling avenue and people will go looking on the internet for that particular brand that stands out, not just your name.

3. Maximizing custom tab and wall

Not many people are aware that their Facebook page is indexed to search engines. Try to Google your name one day and you will see that there is a Facebook attachment to the name. The wall posts are also indexed but are not given that much emphasis since they become irrelevant with time.

So what about the custom tab? They are indexed too and have a bigger weight when it comes to calculation of the quality of links.  Tabs are easy to build but lack one then you will know what you have been missing.  The custom tab should be named appropriately so as to maximize them for search engines.

They have an advantage over walls because they stay longer and you can link them to external sites.  When using 3rd party applications, you should make sure that the configuration is done in such a way that they are indexed to Facebook.

4. Be vibrant in search engines

Majority of people like to disguise themselves in search engines.  This makes Google and other search engines hard to index your content.  You should not shy away from search engines because they are Chief Avenue when it comes to boosting of your SEO. If you are in Facebook, then you know the importance of search engine optimization.

5. Optimizing use of Multimedia

When it comes to multimedia optimization, video content usually stands out. This is due to the fact that their titles form a heavy bulk when it comes to the weighting process.  You should make sure that the marketing videos to be used have catchy titles both on your website and also on Facebook. This should be the case when it comes to the company logo and the images used.

6. Using the right SEO text in the right place

Search engines are text oriented as opposed to image and that is why even your images and videos should be engrossed with titles without which your content will not be indexed. Every new tab should be accompanied by text citation.  However, you should be careful when using SEO in Facebook because it is a social network and people will become bored in the long run with SEO-rich text and so the need of moderation.

The content displayed should be social in nature in order to attract the targeted audience who are using the social network.

7. Keeping an updated page

You should make sure that your Facebook is constantly being updated.  You could decide on the shifts and the content you want to display. If your page is updated, then it is likely to be an authoritative source of news.  Facebook has transformed the way we communicate and interact.

It has made the world a global village and marketing your product will not reach the local consumer but also international frontiers.  In order to fully realize the importance of Facebook to SEO prospects, then it is mandatory that you embrace it wholeheartedly because of a formidable market wave.


Social networks have added a new dimension to internet marketing and there are immense opportunities to everyone. The success of any online business depends on the extent of marketing techniques applied. Facebook is an open and ready avenue to realize the full potential of businesses.

The traditional consumer can no longer be relied on because the world has gone digital and everything takes place online. SEO could be made easier especially with the advent of social networks like facebook. It is an intricate pattern of links waiting to be discovered. So what are you waiting for?


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