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How to Create Effective Registration Forms

Many websites give their users the possibility of registering to their website so they can take advantage of the data base and information they offer. In most cases these registration forms will ask for a username or e-mail which is linked to a user ID number. By collecting this type of information, a website can collect quite a bit of information related to the users.

However, there is a lot of data that can be added by streamlining these registration forms as well as designing a new form type to make it more user-friendly, thus rendering service to the user and to your website’s data base.

Some registration processes can be lengthy and annoying, thus users may get tired and decide not to register at all. Although you cannot expect to interest all your readers, you can effectively reduce the time they spend on filling out registration form.

Use white space to your advantage, as providing extra space for users to concentrate on will help them read properly and tire less. If you cramp all your information into one page, may seem a good idea as far as scrolling pages are concerned, but you will find users have a hard time trying to decipher all the information in such a limited space.

Readers should be allowed to browse the form and easily place the information in the right fields. You may use different effect to enhance the field so that they are easily noted, allowing for a faster filling of the form.

You can use tooltips that guide the reader through the process of filling in the fields. These are bubbles that are visible when a person hovers over a link or blank field. These should be placed under the form or on the side, and you can enhance the fields by customizing with different colors.

When a user hovers over a field, a bubble pops up and provides him with information about the field. This could relate to the name a user can choose as an id or the number of characters a password should contain.

If you do not like the idea of bubbles popping up you can use the same function, but have it viewed in a separate field, by placing hidden paragraphs near the field to fill in and display them as the user covers them in turn.

Icons may be an attractive attribute to a website, but they can be annoying when overused or too sophisticated. Try using smaller icons that fit in with the background, as these can help users realize the scope of the form. You can if you wish label the fields without using word, simply with symbols.

However, be careful with icons, for excessive use can generate confusion and allow plenty of space in which your readers can work, as well as clear labels, for users will not be bothered with a hi-tech design, what they are looking for is simple and straightforward information and fields to fill in, as well as the strict minimum.




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