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How to Deal With Information Overload?

I agree that brain is a marvelous creation of God; it supersedes the power of a computer; it can contain information up to thousand times of that a computer. However, you should remember that there is a way to retain that information. Let’s take the example of your office desk. Your work requires you to gather a lot of information and then process it according to the work required. It won’t be very long when you would probably forget the first piece of information you collected for a certain task. You need to make sure that you collect all the information in a way, which will work out best for you. Information collection at the time required isn’t bad; what’s bad is when you constantly take in so much information that you your mind cease to work.

Now let’s get to the point, how can you possibly get out of this clutter in your head? How can you sort out the information in your head, or better said, how do we deal with information load?

1. Use the Middle Approach

Too less and too much of anything is damaging for anybody. Let’s take an example of something as basic as water; if you drink too less you’ll end up in dehydration, when you drink too much, you end up with water drunkenness. Similarly, when you fill up your head with too much information your mind stops working and when you gather minimal information you create a very unimpressive document.

2. Allow yourself to enjoy some Serenity

When you’re at work, you may ignore the need for calmness; however, let me tell you, this is highly important no matter what you do. The best way to get yourself some silence is to take a break from your busy schedule for 25 minutes. Tell your assistant to take care of the phone calls, close all files in front of you and get away from your computer (as far as possible!). Enjoy no work pressure for 25 to 30 minutes, you are guaranteed to feel refreshed.

3. Sort your Priorities

Everything cannot be a priority. I can simply put it as, “Some things are urgent, while some things are important”. The urgent ones tend to be your priority, to be clear. Once, you’re through the urgent matters at work, proceed towards the important ones and work on it with dedication without having to go through “processing failure”.

You should also know “Facebooking” and “YouTubing” at work is not a priority. I won’t even bother classifying it as anything urgent or important; rather, it is a time waster. Make sure you stay away from such activities while at work. I’d like to make an exception to that ONLY IF you’re in the marketer.

4. Gather what you need

I know that thirst for information is absolutely impossible to quench so here’s one way to go about it. Simply take a look at your work requirements, search your existing collection for the information it requires and if insufficient, search for the related material on the Web. Don’t get carried away with information and move from one blog to another. You are your best judge; when you find yourself doing that simply revert to business.


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