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How to get readers

If you have a website of any description it’s like a tree that falls in the forest. If no one was there to hear it, did it make a noise? You require readers to make any impression at all. This is one of your biggest challenges when you start a blog. If you start off on your own server, how do you get traffic? Well there are several ways to do it once your site is up and running correctly.
However, before you start advertising your site on the various channels make sure it is 100%. You don’t want to annoy people when you start because then they won’t ever come back.
Once ready we can check through these various alternatives to promote our efforts.

The first thing you need to do is attract people to your blog or website. How? Well, you are there to blog so you must have something to write about. Write a few articles about relevant subjects and join up with an article publisher. Pick a well established one or two and submit your articles. Remember all your articles must be well written with no spelling or grammar mistakes. When you get them accepted, you publish putting in the link to your website telling people that they can find out more about the subject there. This is basic link bait. Another thing you can do and this is similar in a fashion is to find well known blogs on the net and join them and read them and at the same time  make relevant comments on the blogs leaving your link there to enable people interested in your comments to follow you and find out what you are about.

You need to join several social networking sites and link up with people who have the same interests as you. It is very important not to push yourself and get classed as a spammer. Don’t keep linking to your website but ease your way in and get accepted and when someone asks, offer your information. What you are doing is building up trust and with trust your following will grow. Make sure you give information that is both useful and will help a person in need.

Get friends to Twitter about your articles and your blog. I said friends not you.  It’s fine to tell friends about it, but to Twitter you need someone else to blow your horn. The same with Facebook and any other site you decide to use.
You need to do an article at least once a week and spend a half hour or more a day on it. The same thing will apply to doing the other blog visits. It’s time consuming and you will find many hours are spent on it, but if you want a successful site it takes time and dedication.

While you are doing all of this, you must not forget your blog. You need to do regular posts about things of interest and create an on going stream of information. A successful blog which gets anywhere from 1000 to 2000 visits a day, is going to be a full time job. It might be an idea to monetize it to make it actually a paying job.
Get writing folks.


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