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How To Improve Your Office Layout in 5 Ways

How you set up your workstation has an influential role in how you work and your level of productivity. This indirectly speaks of your personality. I’m sure you’re a dedicated graphic designer, and you find it very hard to look anywhere but at your computer screen; however, you really need to pay a lot of attention to the ambiance of your workstation.

Following are the perfect 5 ways; you can use to deck up your workstation while at the same time enhancing your creativity.

1.    Storage Systems

How many of you already have storage boxes already in place at your office? They’re perfect to organize the load of mess, you have on your table; you might have  forgotten how your office desk looks like. It’s time to clear up.

2.    Lighting

If you have a dark office with curtains drawn or probably no window then that reduces the productivity in your work.

Try to adopt anyone of the following:

•    Have lighting systems installed in your room. It’s preferable that you install them one in the room (the overhead lights) and then the one on your desk, which you use when you’re at work.
•    Windows greatly enhance the lighting feature and make you want to work harder. Nature has a beautiful way of making one work.
•    A floor lamp is also a very good idea.
•    Glare can be a very bad effect; hence you should have light curtains installed and LED for a desk lamp to conserve energy and be more efficient.

3.    A Focal Point

Focal point helps you keep your focus on the task being done hence it is important that you determine one. It could be your computer or laptop of it could simply have the numerous tasks you’ve done and attached it to the soft board behind your computer. The latter boosts your morale and pushes you to work harder.

4.    Wall Color

First decorate your entire workspace and then decide on the color of walls rather than doing it the other way around. Do not select bright or “screaming” colors; tone it down by adding the neutral touch.

Following are a few examples you could consider:

•    Yellow: Creativity stimulator – allows you to think clearly.
•    Red: It’s a violent color and can be used best if you’re in the selling business.
•    Blue-Green: its serenity makes it a beautiful choice for writers.
•    Orange: Social activity starter.

5.    Inspiration

Inspiring yourself is the best part of decking up your workspace; make sure you have the following things in place:

•    Artwork
•    White Board
•    Pictures of Your Family
•    An Inspiring Quote
•    Fresh Flowers that beautify your room and keep you motivated.

And Finally:

Beauty of your ambiance and your comfort zone should match. Always have things that you think will suit your needs best. Make sure your posture does not create any problem for you; your chair and legs can be most affected if you’re a constant freelancer. Keep all things tidy in there and watch yourself work like you never have.


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