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Illustrated website of above average excellence

It’s an Interesting subject really. I was asked to choose 5 out of a huge bunch of websites and found to my amazement at the end of the exercise that they had a few things in common. Of course, all had great graphics. They were designer websites after all but besides that I noticed that the pictorial aspect was lean, clean and hungry. Let me explain. They were very limited on what they showed. It was usually just one maybe two objects. They were attention grabbers. Some were over-sized but that didn’t matter as the color contrasts were excellent. They all made me want to see more. Simple, clean lines, uncluttered pages, attention grabbers, let us take a look at them.

Tree House Editing

Awesome design with a simple two color style, although the gradient has been used in the green. It says, what it needs to in a very few words and makes you want to explore further. Once inside more color has been added but with the same central color dominate. There is an interesting use of movement, which is so slight not to detract but to keep your attention. Moving on to the editor’s page, you have the same picture but with a contrasting color. You have moved into a brown theme. The next scene is winter. I am very impressed. Your use of theme color and simple graphic is superb. Congratulations on an excellent site Kenny Hanour and Matt Holtmeier.


Again we have a one object page. It’s a little over-sized but the design is good. The transition speed from one page has been optimized to the very best use. The use of simple Font and style make it easy to read and navigate.
It’s clear it tells the reader in easy to understand no nonsense terms exactly what the site is about. There is no time wasting fluff. A very good example of a website well executed.


The simple contrast between black and pink is eye catching. David Arazim gives the immediate impression of business. He is organized and optimized.
Although obviously not English speaking he has utilized his few simple words to show his illustrations to good effect.

Make Film Work

Although not a single object design as it has a lot of writing on the main page, including its illustrated blog, the initial impression is simple with the use of the soft colors. Space has been well utilized including white space. I was impressed with the speed at which his videos loaded. He has got his craft down pat. I will certainly return to learn more from him about photography.


The last of my choices is a website that made me hungry. It was a little on the busy side for me with too many colors. However, it only had the bowl of yummy looking ice-cream pie, I think it was. This was used to illustrate what they do with a clever way of having a menu that was different but readily available.

Hope you guys enjoyed my list. If you have some more do share. Thanks


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